The New App: What Admins Can Expect

The new btwb app is coming soon! You can begin to familiarize yourself with the new app by testing the beta version now (instructions below), but we’ve also outlined some important points here you will want to know about in case your members have any questions.

Keep in mind, the same basic btwb functionality still applies. That is:

  1. Add members/clients to your gym
  2. Program workouts to your gym (or personal) tracks
  3. Members/clients log into the app to record scores for those workouts

We’ve updated the design, moved some things around, and added a bunch of cool, new features to explore. Read on for more details.

The Home Screen

The new home screen is simpler and cleaner than ever before. Don’t worry, all of the old btwb analysis features still exist, but they’ve been tucked away into our Side Drawer Menu.

This should keep the primary focus on the two things that matter most to your members’ fitness journeys: workouts and body composition. The Fitness tab will contain the workouts you program for your members each day, while the Body Composition tab will allow members to log weigh-ins and stay on top of newly set weight targets.

Full Home Screen details and video demo available here.

Logging A Result To Programmed Workouts

The “Fitness” tab contains a collapsable/expandable calendar that houses all of your gym’s programmed workouts. Members will click on a specific day to view the tracks they follow, plus the workouts planned to those tracks. Each planned workout contains a “+” action button that will allow members to:

  • Log a result
  • View WOD results
  • View a leaderboard
  • Visit the workout page for more details (Prepare)

Members will click on “Log” to record a score for that particular workout. They’ll repeat that same process for as many workouts as they need to. Full logging details and demo available here.

Viewing Leaderboards

Gym members can view leaderboards for the workouts they’ve recorded scores to a couple of different ways. First, immediately after recording a score, members can click on the “+” button located on the score summary screen. That button contains a “Leaderboard” option.

Also, members can access leaderboards directly from the programmed workouts on the calendar. The “+” action button contains a “WOD Results” link that will direct members to a private gym leaderboard for that workout.

The leaderboard screen will default to the member’s gender and workout designation (Rx’d or Modified), but various filters can be applied to view other results as well.

Social Engagement

Once members log scores to your programmed workouts, they can then interact with each other’s posts. Emojis and Comments are an even bigger part of the btwb social experience now. Both can be given directly from a leaderboard (as shown above), but your gym/program will also have its own tab on the Activity Feeds screen. Activity Feeds can be accessed via the squiggly line icon in the footer menu.

The “Gym” feed will list all member posts sorted by newest to oldest (barring privacy settings set by members). This makes it super easy to scroll through and interact with member posts. Just click on the heart icon or the chat bubble icon. As a bonus, we now have up to 10 different Emoji options members can unlock based on total btwb workout posts! The more members post, the quicker they’ll unlock each of the emoji options.

Members will receive mobile push notifications when receiving Emojis and Comments. Click through for even more details and demos on Emojis and Activity Feeds.


Your members still have access to our Analysis features but, as mentioned previously, they can now be found tucked away into the new Side Drawer Menu. That’s where they’ll find things like Add-on Programs, Fitness Level, Imbalances, Macros, and Lifts Calculator. Short summaries of some of the changes to each can be found below.

Fitness Level

Members will now have to unlock each of the 8 categories before revealing an overall Fitness Level score. They’ll only need 2 data points to unlock each category. You can still find a list of Fitness Level specific workouts for each category by clicking into the category, then again on “Browse”.

You can also still find Fitness Level workouts to program for your members and clients via the filters on the Plan page. Full FL details and demo available here.


This is a new screen that compiles members’ best performances for Lifts, Gymnastics, and Intervals (rowing & running). Members can use this screen to quickly find All-time and Current personal records. More Maxes details and a demo available here.

Lift Calculator

This is a new feature that will allow your members to quickly find percentages for 1, 3, 5, and 10 rep maxes. They can access it via the Side Drawer Menu or on the Maxes=>Lifts screen.

Member Analysis

Soon you’ll be able to click into users’ profiles to gain access to their specific Analyze features (Fitness Level, Imbalances, etc.). Stay tuned!

Logging Results To Non-Programmed Workouts

Gym members can still log scores to non-gym programmed workouts by clicking on the big “+” button in the footer of the app. This will come in handy if they find themselves doing accessory/extra work on the side (in addition to your programmed workouts) that they’d like to track.

They’ll have the option to build and log to brand “New” workouts, or choose amongst the various btwb curated lists (ex. Popular) to quickly find existing workouts.

Full logging details and demo available here.

Programming & Admin console

The Admin Console and processes for programming (Planning) workouts to gym/individual tracks are still the same. We have plans on making major updates to these soon once the new app goes live. For now, admins should continue to use both the same way they have been to provide workouts to members and clients.

Even More App Details

Learn more about the new btwb app via specific articles below!


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