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How fit are you? Fitness Level is a single number that tells users how fit they are. The new version of FL now uses a lock/unlock system. Unlock each of the 8 individual categories to reveal your overall Fitness Level.


You can access the Fitness Level feature two different ways. One way is via the FL icon located in the top-right corner of the Home Screen. The icon will either be a number and an animal (if unlocked), or it will be a series of lock icons indicating the number of locked and unlocked FL categories.

The other way is the same FL icon via the Profile Screen. Click on the profile image from the Home Screen to get to the Profile Screen, or click on another user’s name in the app to get to theirs.

You can adjust your Fitness Level privacy setting in order to show or hide your FL to others on your Profile Screen. Click into the Change Fitness Level Display setting and choose between “Everyone”, “Followers and my community”, “Only My Followers”, and “Only Me”. Only those with access can see your FL icon and ultimately click through to your FL screen for more details.


Unlock an individual category to view a category level. Unlock all 8 categories to unlock an overall Fitness Level rating. A Fitness Level rating is the average rating of all 8 individual categories.

The Categories

  • Power Lifts – Deadlift, Back Squat, Shoulder Press, Bench Press
  • Olympic Lifts – Clean, Jerk, Snatch
  • Speed – short distance running & rowing intervals
  • Endurance – long distance running & rowing intervals
  • Bodyweight – popular metcons without external loading
  • Light – popular metcons with a light barbell, DB, or KB.
  • Heavy – popular metcons with a heavy barbell, DB, or KB.
  • Long – popular metcons that have an average completion time of 20+ mins

Unlock an individual category by logging 2 results for workouts that belong to that specific category. *Both the “Long” and “Heavy” categories only require 1 result each in order to unlock them.

Finding FL Workouts

Click into each of the metcon categories, then again on the “Browse Workouts” option to view workouts that belong to those categories. Results for the Power Lifts, Olympic Lifts, Speed, and Endurance categories can come from any lifting or interval based workout.

Time Window

Once a result is added to a category it is valid for an entire year. This should give users plenty of time to compile results (16 total) for all 8 categories. Each logged FL workout in each category will show the logged date AND the expiration date. Keep adding data points to get a more accurate rating, and to keep individual categories from re-locking.

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