Coach’s Corner: Coaching The “Older” Athlete

While the “ripe” coaches among us can certainly gain something from the following paragraphs, this one is aimed at those freshly picked coaches who’ve yet to experience approaching CrossFit from a more “mature” perspective. While the movements in CrossFit are universally important, scalable, and accessible, it can be beneficial to approach older athletes with a slightly different mindset. That doesn’t mean wrapping them in bubble tape and sitting them in the corner- read on, and see why!
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What, When, Why: Barbells

Today on WWW, we are going to tackle a piece of equipment that every CrossFitter will use with great regularity- the barbell. Normally on WWW, we talk about the What– what each piece of equipment is, since some of it is somewhat specialized, the When– what situations are appropriate for use, and the Why– why someone would choose to use the given piece of equipment and what advantages/disadvantages it offers. Barbells are incredibly common, used a lot, and their use case is pretty obvious- when the workout has a barbell movement in it!) With that in mind we will talk about the characteristics and differences between barbells, rather than if you should use one or not.
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btwb is now CrossFit btwb

Our mission, from day one, has been to make amazing technology for a community we respect, admire and love. In May, we entered into an exclusive agreement with CrossFit Inc. to help CrossFit athletes and Affiliates maximize their results. This opportunity will not only help us on this mission, but allow us to play a larger part in CrossFit’s mission to improve health and fitness worldwide.

We started btwb out of our garage affiliate over a decade ago. Today we are home to the largest and most comprehensive database of workout, exercise and human performance data. This data powers our proprietary features like Fitness Level and Imbalances, but isn’t the core of who we are. It’s people like you.

This entire journey has been possible because of amazing people like you. We could not have done this without your support. Our team at btwb is a lot like you. We go to the gym a lot, work on our weaknesses and try to eat clean.  To us, we look at our work on btwb as something we’re building for our friends. We get excited every time someone sends a cool email or comments on a new feature. That relationship will never change. It means the world to us. We promise to continue putting out amazing features because you deserve it.

Thanks for all your support, let’s continue chasing new PRs. Together.

WODscreen Updates: Wirelessly Display Daily Workouts, WOD Activity, Leaderboards, PR Board & Committed Club

The newest version of our WODscreen is now live! With just a TV and a $35 Chromecast, you can wirelessly display your choice of several different screens including Daily Workouts, WOD & Activity, WOD Leaderboard, Committed Club and PR Board. This gives you the option of setting up multiple TVs in different areas of your gym to use for different purposes. You can put a TV by the whiteboard to display today’s WODs. The Committed Club and PR Board screens work great in a lobby or other area where your members congregate. The screens stay updated automatically with the latest data.
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Coach’s Corner: Know Thyself

It should come as no surprise to you that I’m a fan of journaling your fitness. After all, you’re reading this article on the Official CrossFit Workout Tracker, BTWB.

I began keeping my own training notes before the internet was a thing, way before we all carried around these powerful mini-computers we affectionately call “phones” in our pockets. I used a pen, sometimes even a pencil, and wrote “stuff” on a piece of paper in a notebook. I’ve collected dozens of these throughout the years, and sometimes like to dig one up and look back with a mix of amusement and embarrassment at what my 20 year old self was doing in the gym at the time. Read More

Murph Tips

📷: CrossFit

Ok folks, we’re in the home stretch- Memorial Day is here and the time honored CrossFit tradition of performing “Murph”, the best known of all the Hero WODs, named after Lt. Michael Murphy.

For those of you just joining us- Murph is a long and arduous workout, designed by a Navy SEAL to better prepare for the rigors of combat. It consists of:

For Time:
1 Mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Air Squats
1 Mile Run
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What, When, Why: Weight Vests

If you are relatively new to CrossFit (a year or less) you may have noticed that some folks in your gym have recently begun accessorizing like they are planning to fast rope out of a helicopter or breach a meth lab after they finish their workouts. Or maybe they are just wearing big old clunky garments that make them look like they are planning a 1920’s scuba dive. What the heck is going on here? Murph! That’s what! Those are weight vests my friend, and I’m here to talk about them… in excruciating detail.

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Older, Fitter: 3… 2… 1… REST

📷: @wendynielsenphoto, – CrossFit St. Paul

In the last installment we spoke about some things in your control that you can employ to help you unwind, recover, and destress. Focusing on factors within your ability to control is key. Accepting that some things are outside of your control, although a tough pill to swallow, is crucial. Knowing the difference between the two is one of the benefits of age and the experience that it brings. As we’ve said, “you’re not as old as you’re gonna be” and there are some natural consequences that come along with that fact. With age comes wisdom and a broader view of things which you can use to your advantage to prolong not only your time in the fitness game, but by extension, your quality of life as well.
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