Body Composition

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Training and body composition go hand-in-hand. Track your Body Composition with btwb to make sure all of the hard work you’ve been putting in is paying off toward your next body weight target.


We’ve added Body Composition info directly to the Home Screen for easy access. You can find it located next to the Fitness tab. The tab will outline 3 things for you:

  • A starting weight
  • Your current weight
  • A target weight

Setting Targets

If any of the Target Progress items is empty, you can easily update it by clicking directly on it. Both the “Start” and “Target” rows will take you to the Update Target Weight screen. From there you can set a new starting weigh-in and/or set a new target weight. We automatically calculate BMI and Lean Mass based on the data you’ve entered.

Logging Weigh-ins

The “Current” section of the Target Progress table is updated with each new weigh-in logged. Click on the Weigh-In button from the Body Composition tab, or use the “+” action button in the footer menu to log a new weigh-in.

Follow the steps on the New Weigh-In screen to record a weigh-in. We’ll need some baseline information (like height & weight), but you can also attach an image and notes for future reference.

Body fat measurements are optional. If you choose the “Enter Measurements” option, the btwb app will calculate Body Fat %, BMI, and Lean Mass automatically. You may also choose the “Enter Body Fat Percentage” option if calculating your BF % on your own elsewhere.

Target Updates & Weigh-in Reminders

The Target Progress table will also let users know how close they are to the set target, as well as how long it’s been since their last weigh in. Weight and lean mass updates are based on the “Current” weigh in, so they are updated with each newly logged weigh in. The weigh-in reminder message will trigger if no new weigh-ins are logged in the last 2 weeks.

More Details

For more details surrounding logged weigh-ins, visit the Analzye=>Weigh-ins screen. You’ll find the same Target Progress table there along with a full weigh-in history. Do a deeper dive into old weigh-ins to view notes and attached images.

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