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We capture data for every btwb movement in our database. We then display that data on a cool new Movements screen!


You can get to a movements screen a couple of different ways.

Option 1: Use the Search function

Click on the magnifying glass in the header of the home screen, then again on movements. Type in a specific movement or click on one of the GIFs for our list of most popular movements.

Option 2: Click on a movement GIF from your calendar

Programmed workouts come with automated movements GIFs. Click on a GIF to visit the movement screen.

Option 3: Click on movements listed from Workout screens

Each Workout screen comes with a description, your workout history, and a list of movements. Each movement is clickable and will give you access to that movement’s specific movement screen. Access a Workout screen via the “Prepare” link for a specific planned workout or via the Search=>Workouts option.


The top section of each Movements screen displays accumulated stats for that specific movements. Data points include Total Posts, Total Reps, Total Distance, Total Weight, Total Time, and Total Workouts. Stats that have been greyed out are numbers that don’t apply to the specific movement.

*Note: Total Posts refers to the number of logged results containing that movement. Total Workouts refers to the number of unique workouts you’ve performed containing that movement.

Recent Posts

A list of of your 5 most recent logged results for the selected movement. Click on “See All” to reveal a complete reverse chronological list.


The movements screen will also compile your best performances for lifts and intervals (run, row). Gymnastics levels to come soon. Lift movement screens will display best ever 1, 3, 5, and 10 rep loads. Run and Row screens will display best ever times for set distances (pictured below to the right are Row distances). Each performance is compared to other performances on btwb for the same rep range or distance, and a level (1-100) is given. The better the performance, the higher the level. You can also view “Masters” specific levels for the same performances to see how the numbers compare to other 35+ year old btwb users.

Potential Max

The movements screen will also display a potential 1RM (lifting only) based on the best performance from the 1, 3, 5, and 10 reps listed. Using the example below, because the 3 rep OHS @ 200 lbs is a level 87, that performance is used to calculate a potential 1RM of 220 lbs. In other words, based on this user’s best lifts for the Overhead Squat movement, we think he/she may be capable of a 220 lbs single.


When applicable, we’ll also link to equipment.


Each Movement Screen contain a “+” action button. Click on it to perform various actions including:

  • Demo: View a movement demo video
  • Lifts Calculator: Find a specific %1RM for a lift
  • Your History: Your personal workout history for the selected movement
  • Log: Log a “Single Movement” workout using the selected movement

Video Overview


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