Using Tracks

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Tracks are both a way to receive programming from a gym or coaching programming, but also a way to discover free public programming in btwb. Read for more information on how to properly use Tracks.

View Programming

Tracks are where programmed workouts live. If your personal account is associated with a btwb gym, that gym’s programming will be provided via tracks. Also, if you follow a Coaching Program, programming will be provided via a special private track only program subscribers will have access to. You can find tracks you follow via the Fitness tab on the btwb home screen. All of your subscribed tracks will be displayed by default.

If you follow lots of tracks, click to expand or collapse a track to make the calendar more manageable. The “Note Pad” icon will indicate how many items the track has. The “Check Mark” icon displays your number of logged results for that track.

Click on the “Subscribed Tracks” button to select only a specific track to show. You can also use “Find A WOD” to btwb’s list of free Public tracks which currently includes all Varied Not Random programming tracks and the Rx’d and WOD Scale tracks.

Open Gym & Public Tracks

As mentioned above, you can use the “Subscribed Tracks” button from the calendar to view btwb public track options each day, However, you can also choose to follow public tracks permanently via the Follow Tracks settings option.

Choosing to permanently follow a track displays it on your calendar automatically each day by adding it to the Your Tracks list. The Follow Tracks setting screen will also allow to you follow gym tracks that have been left “open” by your gym.

Personal Track

Every btwb user has a personal track. The personal track, however, will not be listed on the calendar unless it is selected from the “Subscribed Tracks” button or if it has a planned workout for the selected day. Add-on Program workouts are added to users’ personal tracks, but gyms may also program workouts to individual member’s personal tracks for extra work or for 1-on-1 training.

Logging Results

Use the “+” action button to log a score for a workout on any of the tracks you follow.

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