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The new btwb app makes it easier than ever to keep up with groups of people important to you. Simply use the Activity Feeds screen to view reverse chronological listings of activity for various groups, and interact with emojis and comments. Use the Activity Feeds icon in the bottom menu to gain access.

Feed Options

Users will have several different Activity Feed options available to them.

  • Follow – a list of workouts results from people you follow
  • Gym – a list of workout results from people in the same gym as you
  • Coaching – a list of workout results from people subscribed to the same Coaching program as you
  • World – a list of workout results from people throughout the world
  • Me – a list of your personal workout results

Feeds are reverse chronological and live. Scroll through to get a summary of who did what and how they did.

Interacting With Feeds

Each of the Activity Feeds options make it easy to interact with others’ workout posts. When you come across a post you’d like to interact with, click on the chat bubble icon to leave a comment, or use the heart icon to give out an emoji. All comments and emojis will be sent to user’s phones via push notifications. Read more about Emojis here.

Protip: When you come across a post with an image attached, click on the image to remove the workout description and score in order to get a better view of the photo.

Using The Filters

You can filter your feeds by clicking on the Filters icon in the top right corner of the screen. You’ll have various filter options available to you including:

  • Photo – filter feed by only those with attached photos
  • Date – filter feed by start and end dates
  • Age – filter feed by age
  • Location – filter feed by location (distance from you or actual location)
  • PRs & Badges – filter feed by posts with badges and PRs earned
  • And more!

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