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The vast btwb Settings options gives you complete control of your app experience. In this blog we’ll outline each of the settings available to you.

Edit Profile

Add/update a profile image, change your account email, write up an About blurb, attach social media links, and more.

Follow Privacy

Toggle on/off your follow privacy setting. A “private” account will require your approval in order for other btwb users to begin following you.

Change Password

Change the password used for your account here!

Follow Tracks

Toggle on/off gyms tracks and public tracks. Tracks that are toggled will appear on your calendar each day with programmed workouts.

Switch Gyms

Change the gym your btwb account is associated with. Type in the new gym name then enter the gym code when asked. If you know the code, you’ll get added automatically. If you don’t, instead send a request to the gym admin for approval.

Change Time Zone

Update your time zone. This will determine when workouts appear on your calendar as well as the timing of certain push notifications.

Change Beginning Of Week

This will determine how your calendar works in the Fitness tab on the Home Screen. Whichever day is selected will become the first day shown.

Change Language

Pick a language. We have 16 of them!

Change Default Emoji Skin Tone

Set your default emoji skin tone for the 2 emojis it applies to: fist bump and bicep. Read more about Emojis in Beta: Emojis.

Lifestyle Questions Visibility

Show/hide the daily lifestyle questions on the Home Screen. Choosing to hide a question will also hide the matching progress bar. The 2 lifestyle questions are:

  • How did you eat yesterday?
  • How did you feel yesterday?

See the Training Days section of Beta: Analyze for more details on the Lifestyle Questions.

Daily Reminders

Want to be notified about today’s programmed workouts? How about a reminder to log scores for the workouts you did earlier in the day? Turn both options on here, and set specific times for each.

Notifications will get pushed to your phone utilizing the options you’ve set.

Change Fitness Level Display

Who gets to see your Fitness Level details? Use this setting to decide. Anyone with access to your Fitness Level details can find them on your Profile screen. See Beta: Fitness Level for more details.

*Community = anyone in your gym and/or your coaching program


What kinds of things do you want btwb to notify you about. You have lots of options! Toggle them on or off here.

Sign Out

Here’s where you can…well…sign out of the app. But why would you want to!

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