The Home Screen

Also see Activity Feeds, Badges, Fitness Level, Direct Messaging, Programs, Follow, Emojis, Movement Screens, Using Tracks, Search, Analyze, Logging, and Body Composition for insights into specific features/updates.

We designed the new Home Screen for our beta app to be simpler and cleaner than ever before.

Top Section

Easy access to your profile and various counts important to you on your Fitness Journey. Click into each for more details.

  • Profile Image – view recent history, followers, and following, plus edit your profile
  • Sessions – your total logged btwb sessions
  • Badges – your total badges earned
  • Fitness Level – your current rating (if unlocked), or the number of categories that still need to be unlocked

Progress Bars/Lifestyle Questions

Keep track of how your current month is going with 3 different progress bars: Training Days, Nutrition Days, & Feel Good Days. Each dot for each graph represents a day for the current month. A check mark represents a “Yes” for that day. You can update your progress bars by following these steps:

  • Training Days – Log a score to a workout on btwb
  • *Nutrition Days – Answer “Yes” to the daily nutrition question
  • *Feel Good Days – Answer “Yes” to the daily feel good question

The daily questions will disappear upon answer them. They’ll reappear each new day. Click into a progress bar to reveal the birds eye view for the entire year. *You can hide these via Settings.

Fitness Tab

This is where your workouts live. Click on a day of the week to reveal the tracks, and workouts assigned to those tracks below, or expand the calendar to view previous months. Each workout comes with a name, description, and movement GIFs for a cool visual representation of the workout. Click into each GIF to visit the movement page for extra information.

If Extra Instructions have been added, users can click to expand and read them. If Videos have been attached to a workout, they’ll appear automatically beneath the workout in an horizontal scroll bar. Use the “+” button to reveal actions for each workout including Log, Results, Leaderboard, and Prepare.

Body Composition Tab

Keep up to date on your current body composition progress. Set a starting weight and target weight and view your progress along the way.


You can also perform other actions on the Home Screen.

  • Side Drawer Menu – click on the “hamburger” icon in the top left corner of the screen to reveal a menu full of other valuable btwb screens including Analyze, Lifts Calculator, and Settings.
  • Search – click on the “magnifying glass” icon in the top right corner of the screen to search the app for people, workouts, movements, and media.
  • Bottom Menu Items –
    • Home – brings you back to the home screen
    • Notifications – lists out emojis and comments notifications from other users
    • Log – log a new workout, weigh in, or meal, among other things
    • Activity Feeds – view posting activity for various groups of people on btwb like Gym, Coaching, Follow, and World (comes with notifications)
    • Messaging – send direct messages back and forth with other btwb users (comes with notifcations)

Video Overview


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