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btwb’s analysis features can now be found tucked neatly away in the Side Drawer Menu. Click on the icon in the top-left corner of the home screen, then again on the Analyze menu item. We’ll cover each of the Analyze features below.

Training Days

Training Days is an accountability feature that tracks workout consistency from a bird’s eye view. A “Training Day” is counted as any day with at least one logged btwb result. In other words, you trained that day. The default view gives you a look at your entire year. The idea here is to give you a summary view of training habits so that you can monitor consistency over weeks, months, and years.

Calendar Details

Colored dots represent training days. Lightning Bolts represent training days with new personal records. Total training days for each month are tallied up and displayed in a circle next to the abbreviated month name.

Select Year Menu

Use the drop-down menu to view previous year’s training days. Switch back and forth to compare previous years with the current/most recent one. Any progress?

Nutrition Days & Feel Good Days

You can also view Nutrition Days and Feel Good Days calendars. Click on each from the menu at the top of the Training Days screen. The calendar will switch to your selection utilizing the same colors shown on the progress bars from the home screen. Blue is for Nutrition Days. Red is for Feel Good Days.

Home Screen Progress Bars

Speaking of the progress bars on the home screen, earn dots for Nutrition Days and Feel Good Days calendars by answering the daily lifestyle question on the home screen. Not only will the progress bars update with every “Good” answer, so will the full calendars on the Training Days screen. *You can turn the questions off (which will also remove the corresponding progress bars) via the Lifestyle Questions Visibility settings options.

What Is Good?

The Lifestyle Questions answer options are “Good” and “Bad”. This leaves you with some flexibility for how you want to utilize the questions. We provide some guidance for each when clicking on the “What is Good?” link, but “Good” can mean different things to different people. Use the questions as you see fit.

Protip: clicking on the progress bars from the home screen will also take you to the full Training Days screen.

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Modalities is a programming analysis feature designed to provide insights on the kinds of workouts being performed. Quickly tell if you are regularly performing benchmark workouts, repeating workouts, if you are biasing specific workout characteristics, and ultimately if your programming is leading to new personal records.


The top portion of the screen displays summary information for the workouts performed in the selected time period.

  • Workouts – total workouts performed
  • Benchmarks – total benchmark workouts (Girls) performed
  • Repeated – total workouts repeated
  • PRs – total personal records set

Programming Characteristics

Breakdowns are giving for various programming characteristics. The number for each represents the number of workouts with that programming characteristic. For example, the first image below shows a total of 67 GW combo workouts (Gymnastics, Weightlifting) in the last year.

Note: Programming characteristics parameters for Reps, Duration, and Load have been predetermined and set by btwb.

  • Modality – the movement modality make-up of your logged workouts
    • M, G, W, MG, MW, GW, MGW
    • M: monostructural
    • G: Gymnastics
    • W: Weightlifting
  • Scheme – the # of movements in your logged workouts
    • Singlet: 1 movement, Couplet: 2 movements, Triplet: 3 movements, Chipper: 4+ movements
  • Reps – the total # of combined reps in your logged workouts
    • Low: <50 reps , Medium: 50<100 reps, High: >100 reps
    • For example, Fran is a “Medium” repetition workout (90 total reps)
  • Duration – the workout durations of your logged workouts
    • Sprint: <5 min, Short: 5<10 min, Medium: 10<20 min, Long: >20 min
    • *Determined by the avg completion for the workout using btwb data
    • For example, Fran is a “Short” workout with an avg Rx’d completion time of 6-7 min
  • Load – the loading of your logged workouts
    • Light, Medium, Heavy
    • *Determined by the specific movement(s) in the workout
    • For example, the breakdown for workouts with a Deadlift movement is as follows:
      • Light: <135 lbs
      • Medium: 135<225 lbs
      • Heavy: >225 lbs
  • Type – the style/score type of your logged workouts
    • Timed, AMRAP, Tabata, Total Reps

Time Period

You can adjust the selected time period for the Programming Analysis screen via the drop-down menu at the top-right of the screen. Pre-set options include 1 year (default), 6 months, 3 months, and 12 days.

Movements Breakdown

A breakdown of the specific movements performed in the selected time scope. Coming soon!

Video Overview

Fitness Level

Visit Beta: Fitness Level for a complete breakdown.

Video Overview


The Weigh-Ins feature compiles past and current weigh-ins to give users an idea of body composition progress over the course of their fitness journeys.

Current Weigh-In

Displays your most recent weigh-in.

Stats Section

Summarizes your entire Body Composition journey from your very first weigh-in to your most recent.

  • Total Weigh-ins: total weigh-ins ever posted
  • Weight Change: total weight change from very first weigh-in to most recent weigh-in
  • Body Fat % Change: total body fat % change from very first weigh-in to most recent weigh-in
  • BMI Change: total BMI change from very first weigh-in to most recent weigh-in

Weigh-Ins History

A list of all weigh-ins from most recent to oldest.

Click into a specific weigh-in to view attached images, but to also edit or delete the post.

Target Progress

This is the same table shown in the Body Composition tab on the Home Screen. Use it to monitor progress towards a current goal.

Log Weigh-In

Use the Log Weigh-In button at the top of the Weigh-Ins screen to record a new weigh-in, or the “+” button in the footer menu.


The Maxes feature compiles All-Time and Current maxes (bests) for various gymnastics movements, lifts, and running & rowing intervals. The screen provides easy access to performances users will likely want to reference on a semi-regular basis.

Each result comes with a score, a level, and a date. The level takes your score and compares it to all other results for that particular effort on btwb. For example, a level 92 means the score is better than 92% of other scores for the same effort.

All-Time vs Current

The All-time tab displays best ever results. The Current tab displays best results in the last 12 months. Your best ever and your best “current” might be different. The idea here is that it may prove more useful to look at current results when gauging how to approach an upcoming workout.

Drop-Down Menu

You can change the modality of the screen via the drop-down menu in the top-right corner. Your options include Gymnastics, Lifts, and Intervals.

  • Gymnastics: unbroken efforts for movements like Strict Pull-ups, Ring Dips, and Bar Muscle-ups
  • Lifts: 1, 3, 5, and 10 rep maxes for the major power lifts and olympic lifts
  • Intervals: fastest times for common short and long running/rowing distances

Gymnastics Results

Data is auto populated for both the Lifts and Intervals efforts. New Lifts maxes will get pulled in from any lifting workout using 1, 3, 5, and 10 reps. New Interval maxes will get pulled in from interval workouts with any of the common distances. Gymnastics scores work a little differently. Because we want to capture “unbroken” max efforts, each gymnastic score must come from a specific workout. For example, a Bar Muscle-ups result needs to come from the Bar Muscle-ups: Max Set workout.

Missing Results

If btwb doesn’t have data for a specific effort, we’ll replace the score, level, and date with a big “LOG” link. Click on that link to log a new result. The LOG link will take you to specific workouts for Gymnastics efforts. It will take you to the “Single Movement” log screen for Lifts and Interval efforts.

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Coming soon!


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