Beta: Emojis

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Show some love with the updated btwb Emoji experience. Easily give out inline emojis, unlock new emojis, and customize emoji skin tones.

Give An Emoji

Use Activity Feeds to scroll through workout posts. Find something you like? Give an emoji! Click on the “heart” icon to open up your emoji options. Click an emoji to send. After you give an emoji the “heart” icon will switch to a colored version of the one you selected.

View each of the emojis given for a workout post by clicking on the “likes” link.

You can also give emojis via workout leaderboards. Click on the “Leaderboards” menu item from a workout in your calendar to access a leaderboard, then start showing the love!

Unlock New Emojis

Available emojis are based on workout session posts. The more workout posts you have, the more emoji options you have to choose from. Greyed out emojis have yet to be unlocked. There are 10 different emojis that can be unlocked. Click on the “lock” icon to reveal the workout session thresholds for each.

Custom Emoji Skin Tone

The Change Emoji Default Skin Tone setting will let you set a default skin tone for each of the applicable emojis: fist bump and bicep. All other emojis will use the default colors.


Emoji push notifications can be turned on or off from the Notifications screen located in Settings. The Bell icon in the footer menu will also display emoji notifications as you receive them.

Video Overview


You can find specific beta instructions for your phone below.  Note: Must already have a btwb account. 

Join Beta On iOS (iPhone)

  1. Install TestFlight from the App Store. All updates come through TestFlight. Make sure auto-updates are enabled in TestFlight so your beta app will update automatically. 
  2. Join BTWB Beta.With TestFlight installed, open this link on your mobile device to join & install the most recent version of the btwb beta app.

Join Beta On Android

  1. Join the Google Group Make sure you’re logged in with your google play email account. 
  2. Go to the play store and Become a Tester.
  3. Visit the Google Play Store on your phone and search for the btwb app page. Update your btwb app. It may take a few minutes for the update to show up.
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