Logging Workout Results

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The new and improved btwb workout logging flow allows users to easily create new workouts, modify workout details, and add unique elements like images, videos, and locations to better capture workout experiences. This blog will walk you through each aspect of logging. Use the Table of Contents below to jump to a specific aspect.

  1. Logging To Existing Workouts
    1. Navigation
    2. Rx’d vs Modified
    3. Entering A Score
  2. Logging To New Workouts
    1. Single Movement Workouts
    2. Multiple Movement Workouts
  3. Notes
  4. Extras
  5. Privacy

Logging To Existing Workouts

Users can log scores to existing btwb workouts one of several different ways.

Option 1: Calendar

If you belong to a gym or coaching program on btwb, they may be programming workouts to their private tracks. You can access gym and coaching program tracks, plus the workouts that have been added to them, via the calendar on the Fitness tab of your Home Screen. Click on the “+” icon to reveal the “Log” option.

Option 2: The Footer Menu

You can also click the “+” icon in the Footer Menu. Doing so will produce a screen that displays a bunch of different logging options. The following options will allow you to pick amongst existing workouts in the btwb app:

  • Popular: a workout list sorted by total posts
  • Featured: relevant workouts in the community
  • Favorites: a workout list filtered by the ones you’ve marked as “Favorite”
  • Tracks: a workout list from the tracks you follow
  • Previous: a reverse chronological list of workouts you’ve previously logged scores to

Option 3: Workout Screens

You can also log a result directly from a Workout Screen. Use the Search=>Workouts navigation to scroll through a list of btwb workouts. Find what you’re looking for in that list? Use the “+” icon to reveal the “Log” option.

The same “Log” option will be tucked away in the “+” icon of an actual workout detail screen if you ever find yourself on one. See the Fran workout detail screen below.

Rx’d vs Modified

After clicking “Log” from one of the above options, you’ll immediately be prompted with the following screen.

Your answer to this question will determine whether or not your workout is marked Rx’d or Modified.

  • Exactly As Written = Rx’d
  • Changed Weights/Movements/Etc. = Modified

Entering A Score

Selected “Exactly As Written”?

No need to change anything in the workout. Just enter your score.

Selected “Changed Weights/Movements/Etc.”?

Users will want to adjust the workout so it shows EXACTLY what they did. They can do this by adjusting loading, reps, and movements. Doing so will ensure accurate movement and workout history is saved. Click the edit icon next to any scheme or movement to make changes.

Video Overview

Logging To New Workouts

You can also log scores to workouts that do not exist on btwb. Use the “+” icon in the footer menu, then click on the “New” tile.

The flow will then take you through a series of steps to help you create your workout based on the number of movements in your workout.

Single Movement Workouts

Step 1. Select A Movement

Choose from the list of popular movements, or use the search bar to find a different movement.

Step 2. Pick a Template

Choose from the available templates to work with. Templates will be based on the selected movement. For example, different templates will appear for Weightlifting movements versus Gymnastics movements.

Step 3. Build Your Workout & Enter A Result

Add time, rounds, sets, rest, load, and whatever else is needed to complete your workout. When you’re finished building the workout to your liking, enter a score. In many cases the score will be auto-calculated.

Multiple Movement Workouts

Step 1. Pick A Template

Choose from the available templates to work with. Templates will be organized by score type. For example, all workouts that require “time” as a score can be found in the Time drop-down menu. All workouts that require “reps” as the score can be found in the Reps drop-down menu.

Step 2. Build Your Workout & Enter A Result

Use the available tools to adjust durations, rounds, rest, and to add movements.

Click “Add Movement” to add movements to the workout. Search any movement listed on btwb, then add specific characteristics (reps, weight, distance, height, time) to each movement.

When your finished building the workout to your liking, enter a score.

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Wether you are logging to an existing workout or a new workout, you’ll always have the option of adding notes to workout results. Notes are important for two reasons.

  • Notes provide users insights when repeating workouts

This comes in handy when trying to set a new personal record on a repeat workout. btwb automatically pulls in previous scores for planned calendar workouts. Click in to revisit the old session and view notes on strategy.

  • Notes allow others (coaches, fellow gym members, etc) to interact accordingly with workout results via emojis and comments.

Type as much or as little as you want! Notes will appear in Activity Feeds along with with workout results. They will give other btwb users more context behind the workout experience.


Add even more context to workout results by attaching locations, images, and videos. These options are available for logging to both existing and new workouts on btwb.


Click the Add Location link to tag the location where you performed the workout. Choose from the automated list of existing nearby locations, search from a location not listed, or add a new location. Existing nearby locations are determined by your phone’s actual location when logging your score. Counts are included next to each location in order to determine the most used locations. Locations will appear on workout results in Activity Feeds.


Attach an image to the workout result. Choose from saved photos in your phone’s photo library, or take a new one.

Workout result screens incorporate attached images into the design. btwb users can view attached images when scrolling through their Activity Feeds. Click on the image to reveal the entire image. Re-click to bring back the description.

You can also filter Activity Feeds by workout results with attached images. Click on the filter icon and toggle on the “Photo” filter.


Attach a youtube video to the workout result. btwb users can film themselves performing a workout, upload to youtube, then attach to the result.

The video will appear on the workout session screen for others to click through and watch.

Extras Video Overview


Coming soon!


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