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Use the btwb app to follow free programs (included with your btwb subscription) designed to help you earn a first gymnastics skill or get you stronger at the Olympic and Power lifts. Use the Programs as accessory work to your regular programming.


Use the Side Drawer Menu on the home screen to reveal the hidden menu options. Programs is the is the first item in the menu.


You have 16 different programs to choose from. Each program ranges from 17-20 total sessions and may or may not come with recommended pre-requisites in order to get the most out of it.

  • First Strict Pull-up
  • First Kipping Pull-up
  • First Kipping Bar Muscle-up
  • First Strict Ring Muscle-up
  • First Toes-to-Bar (
  • First Push-up
  • First Strict Ring Dip
  • First Strict Handstand Push-up
  • Handstand Walk 5ft
  • Clean 1RM
  • Jerk 1RM
  • Snatch 1RM
  • Deadlift Capacity
  • Shoulder Press Capacity
  • Back Squat Capacity
  • Bench Press Capacity

Adding A Program

Click the “More” button to add a program to your calendar. Select the day you want to start the program, as well as the days of the week you’d like the sessions to appear on your calendar. Workouts will be added to your personal track according to the schedule you’ve selected.

Program workouts will appear on your personal track in your calendar according to the specified schedule. Log scores to them the same way you’d log scores to programmed workouts on your other tracks.

Protip: Follow a program as often as needed. You can also follow more than 1 program at the same time!

Deleting A Program

Return to the Programs page and use the “You can remove the program here” link to delete a program from your calendar. This will delete all future workouts from your calendar. Anything on your calendar prior to program deletion will remain, including any logged results.

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