Direct Messaging

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The btwb app now includes Direct Messaging. Easily start conversations with fellow gym users, coaching program subscribers, and followers, or discover new people to connect with.


The Direct Messages icon has been added to the footer menu for easy navigation. A red dot will indicate unread messages.

Main Screen

The Direct Messages screen has two different tabs: Primary and Requests. The Primary tab displays both unread and old conversations with people you are “connected” to (i.e. someone you follow, someone who follows you, someone in your gym, someone in the same coaching program). Click on a conversation to view the message and send a reply.

The Requests tab shows you messages from people you aren’t connected to you. Keep those conversations in your Requests tab or move the conversation over to the Primary tab by connecting with that user via one of the options above.

New Message

Use the “+” icon in the top-right corner of the screen to start a new conversation. Quickly pick from the auto-generated list of people you follow, or search for someone new.


Never miss a message! All Direct Messages will get pushed to users’ mobile devices via notifications.

Group Messaging

You can also message groups of people!

When creating a new conversation click the “+” icon next to a user’s name to add them to the list. Add as many people as you want, then click through to the next step to start messaging.

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