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New btwb App: Squads

The new btwb app, which will be submitted to the Android and iOS app stores soon, will include real-time messaging. You will be able to message your friends at your gym, and easily interact with their workout posts. When the new app releases, you will… Read More

New WordPress Plugin

We are excited to announce a new version of our WordPress Plugin! We have updated and simplified the interface and added some new functionality as well. Check out “WordPress Integration” under your admin menu on to download the plugin and see the full instructions.… Read More

Plan & Log Updates

Since switching to our current version of the site in 2012 we’ve been compiling a list of Plan/Log updates we’ve been wanting to make. The CrossFit community evolves each and every year. It is our goal to evolve alongside it. That means newer Plan/Log features to reflect the… Read More