WODscreen For The Open

Wirelessly Display Your Overall Gym Open Leaderboard

How It Works

This Open leaderboard is an OVERALL leaderboard. It will rank gym members across all Open events. Only the current Open workouts’ score will be displayed, along with any notes. Ranks for previous weeks’ Open workouts will be shown in green bubbles. If a member hasn’t posted for an event, they will be given a last place ranking inside of a red bubble. We’ll also attach a ghost icon for good measure (👻).

Athletes will use our iOS and Android apps to post their results for their workouts.

The leaderboard will scroll automatically. It will first scroll through RX’d women and men results, then it will scroll through Scaled and Masters divisions.

The stats displayed on the bar to the right are based on all the CrossFit btwb users who have logged scores for the current Open workout.

Special Notes
The 2019 CrossFit Open has not started yet, so you won’t be able to launch the Open Leaderboard for WODscreen at this moment. In the meantime you can utilize the other 5 WODscreen Displays. Let us know if you have any questions or trouble getting started!

Set-up: 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Get a TV that has an HDMI port.
Step 2: Get a Google Chromecast ($35 or $69).
Step 3: Install the Google Chrome browser on your computer or phone.
Step 4: Go to http://wodscreen.btwb.com via your Chrome Browser.

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