New btwb App: Squads

The new btwb app, which will be submitted to the Android and iOS app stores soon, will include real-time messaging. You will be able to message your friends at your gym, and easily interact with their workout posts. When the new app releases, you will be put in a Squad with people in your gym and/or coaching programs. We’re also finalizing the ability to create your own squads with your friends (including friends at other gyms). 

Check out this quick video for an overview or keep scrolling for some more details.

From the home screen, click on the red btwb logo on the top left to access your slide menu. This is where all your Squads (as well as app settings) will be listed. Click on a Squad to see the messages and feed.


Now you can scroll through all the recent messages and activities in your squad feed. You’ll see your friends’ recent workout posts and details. You can click “Like” or “Comment” to give them some love, or you can click “Leaderboard” to see a leaderboard for the workout they did. You can also log a result for that workout by clicking “Log”.


GIFs and Emojis

In the main feed or on a workout post itself, you can quickly add a relevant GIF animation. Just click the “GIF” button and start typing a search phrase. Then you can tap on the one you like to send it.


If you want to add a reaction to a specific post, click on “Like” and then tap the Emoji that you want to give the person. To add a comment on the post, just type a message in the comment field.


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