CrossFit btwb apps (Android & iPhone)

CrossFit btwb is packed with a ton of awesome features on both iOS and Android. We’ve laid out a general overview of every feature available, take a look and see if there’s something you’ve been missing!


We’ve revamped the Home screen to bring you more of everything, right up front. The Home screen is now made up of status cards that provide you with a birds-eye view of a feature. Simply tap a card to open up that feature’s page.

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Keep up the camaraderie even after you’ve left your gym’s class. With Squads, you’ll be able to easily be in the know on your friends’ results. Flex on ‘em 💪, hand out a thumbs-up 👍 or fist-bump 👊, or chat with GIFs to hold your buddies accountable.

To get to your squads, simply tap the Squads option on the home screen. If you’re part of a gym that uses CrossFit btwb, your first Squad will be for that gym. Hit the “+” button to create your own! Simply tap a squad to open it. Inside you’ll be able to chat with anyone else who’s part of that squad, as well as see any Activity that other squad members have shared with the group.

When inside a squad, you can tap the gear icon at the top right to manage your Squad’s notifications. Don’t want to be alerted when there’s a new message in the squad? No problem, just turn off your Squad’s push notifications.

Fitness is better together.

Here is a quick overview video of the Squads feature:

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Receive push notifications for when someone sends you a squad message, comments on a result, or when you receive an emoji reaction on a result. You can manage the types of notifications you receive for both your Squads and your personal settings.

Tap on the Bell Icon in the header of the Home screen page to open up your Notifications page. Here, you’ll be shown any notifications from most recent to latest. Tapping on a notification will take you to where that message or comment was so you can see the full message and respond. To manage your personal notifications, tap the Gear at the top right of this page. You’ll be able to toggle what you receive a push notification for.

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Account Options

Any settings in regards to your personal account can be changed right from the app. Tap the BTWB icon to pull out the side menu and choose “Account Options”. From here, you’ll have a multitude of options for managing your account.

Edit Profile: Here you can change your profile picture, edit your email or name on the account, any personal info, and even add Social Media links to your profile page.

Change Password: Quickly change the password on file with your account.

Follow Tracks: Manage the Programming Tracks you follow from your gym, coaching program, or any of our public tracks like, CrossFit Weightlifting, CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Kettlebell, Bodyweight WODs, Dumbbell WODs, Fitness Level Weekly and more!

Switch Gyms: If you joined a gym that uses BTWB, changed gyms, or left a gym, you can change your Gym association here. Simply type in the gym you need to switch to and a request to join the gym will be sent to the Gym’s Admin to approve. If you no longer wish to be part of a gym and want to use BTWB as an individual, simply change your gym to “Main Site” which is our default “gym” for any individual users.

Change Time Zone: Change your time zone to your local time to make sure your workouts are saved on the proper time and day.

Change Beginning of Week: Some people start their weeks on Monday. Some people start their weeks on Sunday. We don’t care which you prefer. You control your calendar, so pick the setting you prefer 🙂

Change Language: You can change the language of your app! Choose between English, German, Spanish, French (and French Canadian), Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, and Chinese (Simplified).

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You can easily use the Search option to find profile pages of other squad members, look up any workout, or even any movement.

When you search for a friend, you can tap on their profile that pops up to see their own profile page. You’ll be able to see any social media links they’ve attached to their account as well as a chronological list of their workout activity. Did you do the same workout as them and they’ve already logged it before you? Simply select the workout result on their profile page to go and log your own score to the same workout.

Searching for workouts is super simple. Need to pull up Fran really quick? Give it a run through the search bar and you can tap right into the workout page from the result that appears. You can check workout stats, your history with the workout, and log your own score to it.

If you need to look up a movement, typing it in and selecting it will take you to your personal Movement History page. Here we’ll show you your stats with the individual movement. For example, Your “Row” page will show you total distance you’ve rowed across all your workouts, your best intervals you’ve logged, and even recent workouts you’ve logged that contain the movement.

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On the Home screen, choosing “Today’s WODs” will take you to your calendar page. Here you can see your programming calendar and any workouts assigned to the tracks you follow.

The calendar displayed at the top will give you a glance at your current week of training. Sliding the calendar down will show you the whole year and provide the ability to easily switch dates by tapping the one that you’re interested in.

You can track important Lifestyle choices (nutrition, sleep, mobility, feeling good/bad) along with your workout days. Choose to display 2 of the 4 Lifestyle parameters directly on your calendar. Long bars represent streaks of positive lifestyle choices. To log your Lifestyle choices, just tap the pencil icon above your calendar. A chain of grey circles around a given set of days indicate a streak of consistent workout days. A ⚡ shows up on a given day with any PR’s achieved.

If you follow multiple programming tracks, you can toggle whether to display all of them in a combined list, or you can choose to display only the one that you’re interested in. When displaying multiple tracks, each can be collapsed to quickly navigate through.

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Workout Level Slider

Use the new Workout Level Slider (for workouts with enough data) to prepare for upcoming training sessions. What score are you aiming for? Switch between All Ages (18+) and our new Masters levels (35+).

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Macros is a nutrition tracking system with a special focus on macronutrient tracking. Our goal was to give you all the premium features of other macro tracking platforms combined with our best-in-class CrossFit workout tracking.

Log meals from over 550k grocery items, 140k restaurant items, and 25k common foods to choose from via barcode scanning or searching, or build your own custom items. Analyze your nutrition habits and correlate with workout performance and weigh-ins!

To learn more about Macros, head here.

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With BTWB, you can log your workouts, meals, weigh-ins, journal entries, or even injuries.


If your just logging a result to a workout that was programmed for you, head into your calendar page and navigate to that workout. Tap “Log” to enter your score. If you did the workout as prescribed, you’ll want to check the “As Prescribed (Rx’d)” option below your score. If you had to scale, substitute, or change the workout in any way, be sure to use the “Modified” option instead. You can then tap any of the movements to change them, adjust reps, weights, etc to what you had to scale to.

Do you do extra work or other workouts in addition to the one’s planned by your gym? Do you not go to a gym at all and do all your own programming and workouts? No worries! You can easily log these too! Just tap the Log button a the top right of the Home screen. From here, choose “Single Movement” or “Multiple Movements” depending on what you did. For example, if you need to log some 5-5-5 Back Squats, you’ll tap the Single Movement option, type in “back squat”, and then choose “Sets” which you can then fill in the values and save your result. On the contrary, if you’re trying to log a 3 Rounds For Time workout, you’ll choose the Multiple Movement option, select the template that matches what you did (in this case, “Rounds for Time”). You can then set the amount of rounds, add your movements, and save your result.

If you need to remove a movement or copy a movement, just swipe a movement to the left to reveal the “Copy” and “Delete” buttons.

If you did a workout that was for quality or not timed, simply build it just like normal but choose the “Not Timed” option before saving your result. You’ll also be able to choose the “Performed on” date in case you forgot to log a workout from the other day or are just back-logging workouts in general. There’s also a Notes section where you can free-write any details about the workout so you can see more context to your results if you ever repeat a workout. Maybe your strategy didn’t work well and want to let yourself remember the next time you attempt the workout. Your notes, your call!

You can adjust your privacy settings for each result too. Don’t want anyone except yourself to see it? No problem! Simply change it to “Only Me” to keep it hidden. If you went too hard and threw-up because of your insane workout, feel free to check the “Met Pukie?” option to make note of your hard work. 🤢 If you threw on a weight vest for the workout, you can turn this option on too and enter the weight you had on.

Weigh In
You can keep track of your Weigh Ins right inside the BTWB app. With Weigh Ins, you can enter the date and time, choose your measuring units, and enter the information. We’ll even calculate your Body Fat Percentage using the US Navy Body Fat calculator. You can attach progress pictures to document your physical change with each weigh in.

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Instant Analysis

Get instant feedback on the workouts you log. We’ll keep track of your PR’s during lifting sessions, improvement over workouts you’ve done before, as well as your percentile ranking world-wide and in the gym.

When you save a result, you’ll be shown your personal Result page for that workout. From this page, you can see the time and date that the workout was, the count of emoji’s that have been given to this result, your Gym Rank, Average Power Output, your Achievements, and your Workout Level and Percentile Score.

The Workout Level represents your placement against others who did this workout, both Rx’d AND non-Rx’d. Since both scores are included, Workout Level gives credit for the ability to complete the workout as is and depending on the difficult level of the workout, may be higher than the Percentile Score. The Percentile Score represents your placement against others who did the exact same workout, meaning non-Rx’d scores are not included.

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Track yearly and lifetime movement Achievements for major movement groups. Every rep counts toward your next badge! Keep track of all Achievements earned from your profile page.

Movement achievements are automatically updated after each logged result.

Here is a quick overview video of the Achievements feature:

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Fitness Level

Fitness is a journey. Keep track of that journey with Fitness Level. Get a non-biased view on your capabilities across eight different categories: Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting, Speed, Endurance, Bodyweight MetCons, Heavy MetCons, Light MetCons, and Long MetCons. Forge yourself into the Jack-of-all-trades.

On the home screen, the Fitness Level row will show your current Fitness Level as well as any recent changes to your Fitness Level (e.g. “Up 1 from last week”). For more details, simply tap into the Fitness Level page. Here you’ll see your Fitness Level and it’s corresponding Animal badge (e.g. Level 90-99 is a Dragon 🐉).

The Overview section will show your level for each individual Fitness Level category. The “accuracy” refers to the confidence rating on your level. “Low” accuracy means you don’t have enough results in this category to confidently say that this is indeed your level. The more you log under a given category, the higher the confidence in your level is. So when you’re first chasing a level, make sure to get the ratings as high as possible to have an accurate view of your overall Fitness Level. For example, a Low accuracy level 90 probably means you aren’t really a level 90, so take your levels with a grain of salt until the confidence is higher😃.

If you tap into an individual category, you’ll be able to see what’s currently adding to your score for that category, as well as a list of workouts you haven’t done yet, but can. To get a jump-start on your Fitness Level, check out our article that highlights some of the easier workouts that you can easily do to get your confidence rating up to par.

Below the Overview section will be your Recent Fitness Level Changes feed. Here you’ll be displayed a chronological list from most recent to latest workout results that have made a change to your Fitness Level.

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Nobody likes to focus on what they’re not good at. We’ll be real with you and show you the areas you could improve on relative to what you’re proficient at. Got a really burly shoulder press, but can’t jerk very well? Time to hone-in on those oly skills.

When you’re viewing your Imbalances page, you’ll be given a rating on certain movements for each section. Anything in red is an imbalance. For example, the Power Lifts section rates you on your Back Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, and Shoulder Press. If your Back Squat, Deadlift, and Shoulder Press are all in the 80’s, but your Bench Press is a 62, this implies that your Bench Press is a relative imbalance compared to the other three power lifts.

Here’s a quick overview video on the feature:

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Training Days

The hardest part about the gym is showing up. Need some more accountability on your workout days? We’ll keep track of it for you to make sure you reach the goals you want.

The Training Days row of the home screen for will give you a live-count of the days you’ve worked out this week and the count for the current month. Inside the Training Days page you’ll see a further breakdown of the days you’ve worked out. You can compare the days you’ve worked out this week/month/year with last week/month/year. We’ll also display a average Workout Days Per Week for the current month, past 3 months, and past 12 months.

You can view more details for the whole year as well. Here, you can see a live count of the days you’ve worked out so far this year and the days remaining. Each day that you workout, a ✔ appears. Each month will show a total count of training days for that month (pictured below with the green circled number). If you have a month with 12 or more, the circle will turn blue indicating you’re in the Committed Club for that month.

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Part of developing your fitness is keeping it all balanced. Check in on the modalities you’re hitting to make sure you’re getting enough of everything.

The Modalities row on the Home screen will give you the current percentage breakdown of the workouts you’ve logged. Inside the Modalities page will give you a further analysis of each component.

The Programming Analysis Overview gives you a breakdown of the past Month, 12 Days, 3 Months, 6 Months, and 12 Months. If you select one of the Modalities listed, you’ll be taken to a list of movements under that modalitity. Here you’ll be shown a “heat-meap” of how often you do specific movements. You can sort this list by movement Name or by Total Count. This way you can check-in on how often you do specific movements to make sure you’re not leaving any behind.

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Whether you want to see how your fellow gym-mates did on the WOD, or view Worldwide leaderboards for a workout, we’ve got you covered. You can even browse Multi-Workout Leaderboards to see who’s the King or Queen of Lifting in your gym, or who’s the Running Champ of 2019.

When you view a leaderboard for a workout that was planned by the gym you’re associated to, a programming track you follow, or a coaching program you’re a part of, you’ll get a unique leaderboard just for this group. For example, if programs “Fran” for today, then you’ll see “Fran” under the Main Site programming track on your calendar. When you tap the Results button, you’ll be shown the current leaderboard for anyone who’s logged results specifically to today’s “Fran” session under the Main Site track. You’ll also see the total results logged to this session, number of comments people have made and emoji’s given out.

If you want to view the complete, overall site-wide leaderboard, just tap the “W” button at the top right of the page. When viewing a full site-wide leaderboard, you can use Group, Date, Gender, Age, and Rx’d/Modified filters to sort through and see the leaderboard you need.

If you head to the Leaderboards row on the Home screen, you’ll have quick access to a ton of single workout and multi-workout leaderboards for anyone in the same gym as you. For example, tapping the “Girls” option will let you select any of the classic CrossFit Girl workouts to see a leaderboard of other gym members for this workout. On the contrary, if you tap the “Multiple Events” option instead, you can choose between a list of pre-picked leaderboards like “Heroes”, “Lifts” “Running”, etc and see who’s the best overall in your gym for a given category.

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You workout and recover, we do the rest. We’ve teamed up with some of the most accomplished coaches and athletes in the community to bring you a game-changing coaching experience. Their expertise and experience combined with our analytical and logging features will help take your training to the next level.

We’ve teamed up with some of the most accomplished coaches and athletes in the community to bring you a game-changing coaching experience. Their expertise and experience combined with our analytical and logging features will help take your training to the next level. To learn more, just head to the Coaching card on your home screen or visit

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Lifestyle choices affect your fitness. Stay on track of your sleep, diet, hydration, and workout patterns to make sure you train in ideal conditions.

Everyday you can answer Lifestyle Questions regarding your habits from the day before. Keep yourself honest about your choices inside and outside of the gym. You’ll be able to see trends in the gym based off the decisions you make on a day-to-day basis. Back Squats this week feel extra heavy and couldn’t get the numbers you wanted? Looks like the past 7 days you’ve only given yourself 5 hours of sleep. Compare that with a week you hit a new PR on your Squat? That week looks like 8+ hours each day. You put your body through a ton of work. Give it the proper recovery.

Your responses will show up on your calendar. You can choose to display 2 of the 4 Lifestyle parameters (pictures above). Long bars represent streaks of positive lifestyle choices. More consistent you are with your healthy habits, the longer your streaks will be.

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With just a TV and a $35 Chromecast, you can wirelessly display your choice of several different screens including Daily Workouts, WOD & Activity, WOD Leaderboard, Committed Club and PR Board.

This gives you the option of setting up multiple TVs in different areas of your gym to use for different purposes. You can put a TV by the whiteboard to display today’s WOD, for example. The Committed Club and PR Board screens work great in a lobby or other area where your members congregate. The screens stay updated automatically with the latest data.

How To Setup

  1. Set up your Chromecast on your TV and WiFi
  2. Connect your Phone (or computer/tablet) to the same WiFi
  3. Go to on the Chrome web browser (required) on your device (computer or phone)
  4. Click “Launch” for the screen you want to display on your TV
  5. Log in to CrossFit btwb (if you aren’t already)
  6. Click the “Cast” Icon and select your Chromecast

Once you connect, the screen will continue displaying until you stop casting or start casting something else. You can go back and select a different screen to cast at any time.

Note: if it looks like WODscreen isn’t fitting properly within your TV screen, it likely has something to do with the default aspect ratio of your TV. Go into your TV settings and try auto-adjusting for height and width. Chromecast will work best using a 16:9 aspect ratio. The Chromecast device should adjust the aspect ratio automatically, but sometimes a TV will resize incorrectly.

Daily Workouts

Show Today’s Workouts (or yesterday’s if none are planned for today), as well as the top 3 performers and the average scores for each. This is great for briefing the day’s workouts instead of having to write them on the whiteboard each day. You can select which of your gym’s tracks to display.

WOD and Activity

Show recent member activity and today’s WODs, as well as statistics on how your gym is performing for each. We really like this screen because it highlights all of the various workouts your members are doing without focusing on the competitive aspect that a full leaderboard brings. You can select which of your gym’s tracks to rotate through.

WOD Leaderboard

Show the top 10 men and women for each of today’s workouts, along with the workout description and average scores. The screen will rotate through each workout planned on the tracks you have selected.

Committed Club

We know that the number one variable to success for your members is showing up consistently to the gym. Committed Club recognizes members who posted workouts on 12 or more days during the previous month. It also keeps track of who has made the committed club the most months of the current year (Most Committed).

PR Board

The PR Board is a great way to highlight your member’s PRs. It automatically cycles through all PRs achieved at your gym during the past 30 days. Included for each will be the workout, the result, and the improvement.

CrossFit Games Open 2019

Keep track of your Intramural Open 2019 with a gym-wide leaderboard. This leaderboard will progress as each week of the 2019 Open progresses. It will be available once 19.1 is announced.

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