Admin Console, Squads, More Languages, Committed Club

We added tabs to squads and inline emojis. The home screen now has committed club and milestones. We now support 10 languages. Also, the awesome admin console is in beta!

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Squads List
Squads have been redesigned to be more organized and easier to do what you want. When you first tap into the Squads page, you’ll be shown an overview of any Squads you are a part of. Here you’ll have a badge count for any new notifications that have come through for changes in Activity, Messages, PRs, or Members. To access the Squad, simply tap the button for which page in the Squad you’d like to open.

The squad itself is now broken down into 4 tabs now to make things less cluttered and more clear.

  • Activity
    This shows any activity from Squad members who have shared a result with said squad.
  • Messages
    Share messages and GIFs with your Squad. Trying to organize a workout together or discuss fitness? Here’s the place!

  • PRs
    This tab is similar to the Activity tab, but will only show results from your Squad that contained some sort of PR. Whether it was a MetCon that someone smashed an all-time best, or a bunch of lifts that contained a new 3-Rep Max on one of the sets, you’ll be able to celebrate your Squad.
  • Members
    This tab will display any members of your Squad. New members will be sorted in a “New Members” section at the top of the list. They will be highlighted here for 1 Week from when they joined, so members can easily see who’s joined the crew.


Inline Emojis
Flexin’ on a friend or giving them a fist-bump has never been easier. When looking at a result from the Activity or PRs tab, you’ll have the option to give an emoji on that result right there in the feed. No need to tap into the actual workout result page anymore.


  • Workout Milestone
    Keep track of how many sessions you’ve logged with our new Workout Milestones bar. Every time you log a result, your progress bar will tick upwards by 1. Fill the bar and unlock the next progression!
  • Committed Club
    Stay on top of your training goals with the Committed Club. When you’ve logged workout results for 12 or more days within a given month, you’ve made it into the “Committed Club” for that month. Committed Club will also be visible on your We’ll also give you a glance at your Training Days for the week! The hardest part of the gym is making it in.
  • New Log Button
    We’ve added a new “+” button to build & log your workouts, weigh-ins, journal entries or injuries. The older log button in the header will be phased out in a future update.



We now support 10 languages in our app! We’ve just added Mandarin Chinese and Danish in addition to English, German, Spanish, French, Canadian French, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Swedish!


Exclusively for Coaches managing their gyms, the new re-imagined and re-designed Coaching Console will help give you insight into your members progress, engagement, attendance, and more! The Coaching Console is currently in beta but we’re updating it on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Just head to and login with your account. Check it out and don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us!

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