Introducing, Macros.

Today, we’re so excited to share with you our next big feature release, Macros.

Macros is a nutrition tracking system with a special focus on macronutrient tracking. Our goal was to give you all the premium features of other macro tracking platforms combined with our best-in-class CrossFit® workout tracking.

Feature Highlights

Limitless Meal Creations

Make any combination of meals that you wish. You can categorize your meals for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack, Pre/Post-Workout, or create a custom name for your meal. You can even attach notes or include a photo of your tantalizing food.

715,000+ Food Items

With over 550k grocery items, 140k restaurant items, and 25k common foods, find exactly the food you’re looking for by searching our library or by scanning the barcode of your favorite packaged item!

Custom Foods

Easily create custom food items on the fly. Specify any name, serving size, macros and optional nutrient content in just a few taps. These custom food items will be saved for future use whenever you need them.

We use the FDA approved 4/4/9 method of calculating calories based on P/C/F grams, so the calculated calories displayed in the app may be slightly different that what you see on the nutrition label. This is because the FDA allows 6 different methods of calculating calories for the label, so there can be some variation between the label value and the 4/4/9 method. For macro tracking purposes the 4/4/9 is preferred.

Macro Targets

Set custom macro targets with specific values, or base if off percentages and calculated total calories. You’ll be able to save different targets and toggle between them whenever you need to.

Track your numbers in real-time as you log your meals to make sure you land right on your target.


Get analytical insight on your average intake, what days you’re hitting your goals & more!

Get a breakdown of your Calories by Meals or by Macros and see which days missed, came close, or landed right on your specified Targets.

See a bird’s eye view of any Lifestyle or Training Day correlations with your macro tracking. A green check mark shows which day you logged workouts, a target icon displays when successfully hit your macro target, ZzZ’s show which days you slept good, and lastly see which days you performed mobility work.

You Get To Choose

Upon releasing this feature, we want to be as transparent as possible. Along the way we realized that this feature would be more cost- and resource-intensive than we first thought. We have never charged a premium for new features in the past, but for Macros we have to. We ran the numbers many different ways, but we kept coming to the same conclusion. There are two main reasons for this.

  • First, we are working with the world’s largest Verified Nutrition Database. There is a licensing fee required for each user of the nutrition database. In short, it’s really cool but really expensive. If we offered it to everyone on CrossFit btwb right now, it would negatively affect our overall business.
  • Also, a feature like Macros requires a lot of additional resources to build, maintain and improve. We are already working hard on the health aspect of this feature as well as more analytical tools. It’s going to be awesome but requires more people and more resources.

Once we realized the issue, we spent time building it out as an optional upgrade. It didn’t seem right to force you to upgrade if you don’t plan on using the feature. Basically, you get to choose.

  • You can continue using CrossFit btwb as-is, without Macros, without paying anything extra. You’ll continue to get all the updates that we put out that are not Macro-related.
  • Or you can add Macros to your account for an additional $3.00/month or $30/year.

In fact, you’ll actually save money by adding Macros to your CrossFit btwb account if you’re already paying for a separate premium version of another nutrition tracker.

Again, this is an optional upgrade. Macros will come with a 14-day free trial. If you decide to cancel Macros during your trial, you won’t be charged and can continue to use CrossFit btwb as usual.

Thanks for being awesome and we hope you enjoy the new macros feature! If you have any questions or feedback, shoot us an email at

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