Wirelessly Display Daily Workouts, WOD Activity, Leaderboards, PR Board & Committed Club

The newest version of our WODscreen is now live! With just a TV and a $35 Chromecast, you can wirelessly display your choice of several different screens including Daily Workouts, WOD & Activity, WOD Leaderboard, Committed Club and PR Board. This gives you the option of setting up multiple TVs in different areas of your gym to use for different purposes. You can put a TV by the whiteboard to display today’s WODs. The Committed Club and PR Board screens work great in a lobby or other area where your members congregate. The screens stay updated automatically with the latest data.

Committed Club @ CrossFit Maitland

Here’s How:

  1. Set up your Chromecast on your TV and WiFi
  2. Connect your Phone (or computer/tablet) to the same WiFi
  3. Go to wodscreen.com on the Chrome web browser (required) on your device (computer or phone)
  4. Click “Launch” for the screen you want to display on your TV
  5. Log in to CrossFit btwb (if you aren’t already)
  6. Click the “Cast” Icon and select your Chromecast

Once you connect, the screen will continue displaying until you stop casting or start casting something else. You can go back and select a different screen to cast at any time.

Note: if it looks like WODscreen isn’t fitting properly within your TV screen, it likely has something to do with the default aspect ratio of your TV. Go into your TV settings and try auto-adjusting for height and width. Chromecast will work best using a 16:9 aspect ratio. The Chromecast device should adjust the aspect ratio automatically, but sometimes a TV will resize incorrectly.

Daily Workouts

Show Today’s Workouts (or yesterday’s if none are planned for today), as well as the top 3 performers and the average scores for each. This is great for briefing the day’s workouts instead of having to write them on the whiteboard each day. You can select which of your gym’s tracks to display.

WOD and Activity

Show recent member activity and today’s WODs, as well as statistics on how your gym is performing for each. We really like this screen because it highlights all of the various workouts your members are doing without focusing on the competitive aspect that a full leaderboard brings. You can select which of your gym’s tracks to rotate through.

WOD Leaderboard

Show the top 10 men and women for each of today’s workouts, along with the workout description and average scores. The screen will rotate through each workout planned on the tracks you have selected.

Committed Club

We know that the number one variable to success for your members is showing up consistently to the gym. Committed Club recognizes members who posted workouts on 12 or more days during the previous month. It also keeps track of who has made the committed club the most months of the current year (Most Committed).

PR Board

The PR Board is a great way to highlight your member’s PRs. It automatically cycles through all PRs achieved at your gym during the past 30 days. Included for each will be the workout, the result, and the improvement.

CrossFit Games Open 2019 (Coming in February 2019)

Keep track of your Intramural Open 2019 with a gym-wide leaderboard. This leaderboard will progress as each week of the 2019 Open progresses. It will be available once 19.1 is announced.

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