Hero Workout Chad

Join us Nov 5th-Nov 11th as the btwb community takes on this workout.

Chad- Who, What, Why?

1000 weighted Box Step-ups 
Wear a 45/35 lb Ruck Sack
Box: 20 in

Complete Chad and use btwb to log your results for your chance to win a cool prize pack from us and our friends at GORUCK.

  •  Find the workout in the “Featured” section of the app
  • After completing the workout, share a photo of your achievement, tag it with #chad2023, and log your results.
  • Make sure your privacy setting is set to “everyone” so that we can see.

We will select 5 people to receive either a GORUCK Gym Bag or Rucker, along with our exclusive Fitness Is A Journey t-shirt, a collaboration with Rogue Fitness. 

Why We Honor Chad

Chad died by suicide on October 29th, 2018. After Chad’s passing, his wife Sara, shared a poignant memory of discovering him in their garage, doing step-ups while wearing a backpack. He was in the midst of training for an ambitious ascent of a South American mountain, tackling 1000 steps in each session. Amidst this reflection, it was suggested to Dave that Chad’s dedication and this particular regimen deserved to be commemorated with a Hero workout. 

And so, the Hero Workout Chad came into being.

The Step Up Foundation

Sara created The Step Up Foundation in honor of Chad. This Veteran’s Day, GORUCK and The Step Up Foundation have put together Chad1000X.

The CHAD 1000X workout is 1,000 box step-ups completed as a team, partner, or individual for time and be completed 3 different ways: Slick with no rucksack and you pick the height of the box, using 20/30LBS and you pick the height of the box, or with 45LBS and using a 20″ box. Doesn’t matter how you get it done, all that matters is that you get the work done and remember who you’re doing it for.

“Uncomfortable can’t last forever”

Chad Wilkinson

Chad Stats

1000 Weighted Box Step-ups, 45/35 lbs, 20 in

Over 12,000 results have been logged in the btwb app. The 99th percentile for men is 44 mins, and for the women it is right under 40 mins.

Make sure to log your results in the btwb app using the hash tag #chad2023 so that we can feature you on our social channels. 

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