Take On Hero Workout Chad

The First Pull #83


Take on Hero Workout Chad  through November 11th by heading to the “Featured” section of the btwb app. Log your results with a photo using the hashtag #chad2023. btwb members have the chance to win a GORUCK Rucker or Gym Bag and our Fitness Is A Journey tee by participating in the workout.

This workout is in honor of Navy SEAL Chad Wilkinson who took his life on October 29, 2018 due to the effects of numerous deployments, several TBIs, blast wave injuries, and PTSD. 

Make sure to check out The Step Up Foundation to learn more about Chad’s story, donate, and participate in the Chad 1000X workout. This organization, created by Chad’s wife Sara, is centered about raising awareness for suicide prevention. 


The Buttery Bros Took Us Behind The Scenes At The Rogue Invitational
Check it out to get an inside scoop of what was happening off the live stream.

btwb Athlete Jeff Adler gives us behind the Scenes at The Rogue Invitational
Spoiler alert….he uses a lot of maple syrup.

Pat Barber Explains Intensity 
He elaborates on why getting members results quickly is important.

Podcasts from the Community

VNR # 135: Want to get Stronger? Do Gymnastics. Dave Durante interview.
📺 Watch     Apple    🎧 Spotify
Dave Durante is a multiple time USA gymnastics national champion and was part of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Team as an alternate. He helped coachStanford University to an NCAA Team Title in 2009. Dave was a lead coach with the CrossFit Gymnastics L1 course from 2013-2015. He also wrote and developed the CrossFit Gymnastics Advanced Course. Dave is co-owner of Power Monkey Fitness and Power Monkey Camp. Dave discusses his athletic background as well as what led him to CrossFit. Pat, Adrian & Dave dive into why & how gymnastics plays such a vital role in a well rounded strength & conditioning program.
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The Rich Froning Podcast: What Happened at the Rogue Invitational 
Rich takes us behind the scenes at the action during the event.


Mark Bell’s Power Project: The Future of Crossfit, And The Broken Science of Health & Nutrition – Greg Glassman
Glassman on CrossFit’s growth, facing challenges, shifting to wellness, gymnastics influence, flawed nutrition science, and education.


Jocko Podcast: Rules Can Aid The Wise, But They Are Snares For The Fool
This episode discusses Admiral Emerson, principles of war’s complexity, and importance of knowing when to break rules.


OptimizeME Nutrition: Separating Fact from Fiction: Unraveling Social Media’s Nutrition Myths
This episode discusses how social media spreads nutrition myths; six discussed including salt, fruit sugar, artificial sweeteners, seed oils, inflammation, carbs.


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