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When’s The Last Time You 10RM’d?

📷:CrossFit – Sam Dancer at the 2016 CrossFit Games Pop quiz, hotshot- what’s your Deadlift 10RM? Do you know it without looking at your CrossFit btwb app or notebook? Before you check, what’s your Deadlift 1RM? I bet good money you know that one. Maybe… Read More

Coach’s Corner: Gym Safety Tips

📷:CrossFit Northlake One of the things that separates CrossFit coaches from disinterested Globo Gym trainers is their level of professionalism and care for their members. First, we coaches pride ourselves in running a “tight ship” where every class runs like a tightly scripted and choreographed… Read More

btwb is now CrossFit btwb

Our mission, from day one, has been to make amazing technology for a community we respect, admire and love. In May, we entered into an exclusive agreement with CrossFit Inc. to help CrossFit athletes and Affiliates maximize their results. This opportunity will not only help us on this mission,… Read More