Chris Hinshaw Chats with Pat & Boz

The First Pull #74

App Updates


We made some major improvements to Benchmarks and added Lift Levels to your Workout Session. Some key points:

  • reorganized the screen and put everything into tabs
  • added a “history” link for each movement/workout
  • added a sort functionality to intervals, gymnastics, and metcons
  • added lift levels for each set of a movement


Dave Castro Does a Week in Review
Dave discusses travel to Fort Bragg, reflects on the 5k run from the CrossFit Games, and his thoughts on programming that always does Strength and then Metcon.

Michele Letendre speaks on why she feels there aren’t many female coaches in CrossFit
She shares her personal experiences.

Rogue Invitational Launches “The C”
Join them in this community event.

40% of Sports Supplements Don’t Contain Key Ingredient
This raises concerns about accuracy and safety. 

btwb athlete Hampton Morris Lifts at the 2023 IWF World Championships 
Check out the times to follow along

Extreme Heat Taxes the Body in Many Ways
Extreme heat events harm health, strain bodies’ adaptability. Rising temperatures, humidity, and disrupted sleep exacerbate challenges.

btwb Community Highlights

Caroline Lambray (Adler’s coach) does an EMOM with Squat Snatches.

📱 @lambrayliving

Pat Sherwood (CrossFit Linchpin) runs & deadlifts.

📱 @sherwood215

btwb team member Kyle tackles a workout with Pat Sherwood.


VNR # 126: Why Running Will Improve Your Fitness
📺 Watch  Apple 🎧 Spotify

Chirs Hinshaw is widely considered one of the top endurance coaches in the world. He is a 10x Ironman Competitor who has coached 34 CrossFit Games Champions as well as 50+ CrossFit Games Podium Athletes. Pat & Adrian talk with Chris about the benefits of running, why it works & various strategies to improve your performance. Chris & Pat created the VNR 1.5 Run Program & discuss what makes it so special & how to use it. Support the Varied Not Random Podcast


Sevan Podcast: Matt Tores & Caity Henniger
The three chat athlete growth, authenticity, eye sensitivity, CrossFit events, and website improvements.


CrossFit Linchpin: Linchpin is different by Design
Pat discusses Rogue Invitational, email campaigns, increasing fitness IQ, programming considerations, knee problems, & strict pulling.


Jocko Podcast 401: Am I as Committed As I Should Be? with Dick Thompson
Dick Thompson discusses MACV-SOG’s secret missions, intense combat, jungle challenges, camaraderie, leadership, and soldier experiences.


Huberman Lab Podcast: Marc Andreessen: How Risk Taking, Innovation & Artificial Intelligence Transform Human Experience
Marc Andreessen is an innovator, investor, & co-founder of Mosaic, Netscape. Innovators value openness, navigate uncertainties, are driven internally, & embrace risk.

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