Feature Update: Lift Levels

The latest updates on the btwb app.

1. Lifts Levels have been added to workout session screens (app & Web)

When you log a result for a weightlifting sets workout (ex. Deadlift 5-5-5), the workout session screen now contains individual “Lift Levels” per set. These will be off to the right side of the screen in line with the actual set. They are different from the overall workout level.

“Lift Levels” apply to that specific set. For example, in the screenshot above, 3 Back Squats @ 215 lbs is a Level 29 when you compare that to all other 3 rep Back Squat efforts on btwb. It’s a way for you to gauge how competitive that specific set is to other efforts on btwb by other users.

The Workout Level takes your entire score and compares it to all other scores for that specific workout. In the example above, when you add all of my sets together, my total is 2880 lbs. That 2880 lbs is good enough for a 55 Workout Level.

2. For Workout Session results that have attached images, we’ve added a “Workout Description” link that users can tap on.

This will trigger a slide-up modal with “Lift Levels” displayed there. *

Note: Lift Levels will only appear on workout session results where they are available. That means only weightlifting sets workouts and single movement weightlifting EMOMs. These Level Levels will not appear for metcons.

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