Feature Update: Benchmarks

The latest updates on the btwb app.

1. Analyze -> Maxes is now Analyze -> Benchmarks

What’s New?

  • We reorganized the screen
    • This puts everything in tabs at the top of the screen
    • We moved the all-time/current toggle
  • Update of colors & styles
  • We added a “History” link that will take users to an activity feed of their history with that movement/workout

2. Intervals, Gymnastics, and Metcons tabs now have “Sort” functionality

What’s New?

Users can now sort each of the lists by:

  • Default = original list in the order set by btwb
  • Recent = recent to oldest results
  • Oldest = oldest to recent results
  • Best = best to worst results (by level)
  • Worst = worst to best results (by level)
  • A-Z = alphabetical order
  • Z-A = reverse alphabetical order

3. Brand new Metcons tab

What’s New?

This is a new addition to this feature. Users can filter the list by 6 different groups:

  • All = all workouts from each of the categories below
  • Girls = Girl benchmark workouts
  • Heroes = Hero workouts
  • Notables = other non-girl, non-hero, named workouts (ex. Fight Gone Bad)
  • Open = all Open workouts
  • Favorites = any workouts favorited by the user

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