Feature Release: Coaches Notes

With our new home screen release, gym owners will now have the ability to fully utilize the new Coaches Notes feature as they plan their workouts on btwb.com. Check out this blog post to see what all this will look like for you in-app!

Coaches Notes

Coaches Notes can be used to add private notes to workouts that only coaches in your gym can view. We have expanded the formatting here by adding the ability to add multiple notes and attach links that coaches can open directly from the app. These additions can be helpful for including resources that prep your coaches to take their classes through the workout of the day.

Athlete Instructions

Athlete Instructions allow you to provide notes, insights, and extra directions for your programming that is specifically for your athletes. These are visible to all athletes in your gym (including coaches). The same formatting additions are available here with multiple notes and attached links.


Other updates include a specific place to attach a WOD Brief video or a Photo of the Day, separate link categories for Movement Demos (video links) and Other (articles, webpages, etc.), and a workout preview that allows you to see everything you have included with your workout before saving it to your calendar.

The update has been rolled out now, so make use of these new features and level up btwb as a tool for your coaches and athletes!

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