Launching Soon: New Home Screen

Simplified Calendar

The calendar has been simplified to give you a quick view of your training days for the current week. The green highlighted dates indicate a day you logged a workout. A lightning bolt indicates a day that you scored a PR. Swipe left or right to move to the next/previous week. You can expand the calendar to view whole months at a glance. Tapping on the blue “Training Days This Month” will direct you into the full Training Days breakdown for the current year.

Track Selector & Results

Tap the track name to display a selection tracks you’re following that you can switch to.

The flame icon will direct you into that track’s WOD Results page. The blue counter indicates how many results have been logged on that track for that day.

After tapping into the WOD Results page, you can see results from other subscribers to that track. Use the selector at the top of this page to toggle to a different workout from that day.

Expand & Collapse Workouts

Whether you have a long list of To-Dos for the day, or just want to tidy up your track, all workouts are collapsible so you can easily see what you need.

Coaches Notes

Gym Admins can now plan workouts with private Coaches Notes that only coaches can access. Simply tap on the whistle icon on a workout to display them. This icon will be hidden if there are no Coaches Notes added.

These are perfect for communicating extra details or instructions to your coaches for that day’s programming. Any planned workout can have as many notes as you’d like. Set custom titles, details, and also add links if needed!

WOD Brief Video & Photo of the Day

Gym admins can now feature either a WOD Brief Video or a Photo of the Day at the top of planned workouts.

Featured Workout Briefs allow you to access today’s instructions before you tackle the day.

The Photo of the Day can be used for featuring photos from your gym, members, or even highlighting something for a special occasion. Doing a special Birthday workout for a coach or member? Throw up a photo of them to add some personalization to the occasion!

Athlete Instructions

Replacing the Extra Instructions section is our new Athlete Instructions. Similar to the Coaches Notes, these are extra details you can provide to your members. Whether it’s educational material you want to share, information about the workout, or upcoming events, you can organize & deliver it straight to your members with their programming.

Instructions are initially previewed inside the workout they’re attached to. Simply tap the “Read More” button to slide open the full instructions.

Workout Level Slider

When applicable, the Workout Level Slider will display for any of the planned workouts on a given day. Easily see how good a given score is, so you can go into your workout with a goal.

Movement Demo Videos & Links

Quickly access movement demos to ensure you know what to expect if you’re unfamiliar with part of a workout.

View any links to supplemental material provided by your coach or gym.

We’re rolling the update out soon, so keep an eye out to grab the update from your device’s app store!

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