We’re excited to announce our program, First Kipping Pull-up™, which is our latest addition to our list of Programs that are available to all btwb users.

This is a 20 session program designed to get you your first Kipping Pull-up! The Kipping Pull-up requires a combination of upper body pulling strength, lat activation, core control, and body awareness. Over the 20 sessions you’ll be working on various skills and movements designed to improve each. Specific elements of the program include: 

– Hollow body work
– Lat activation drills
– Lat strength work
– Kip swing development
– Kipping control drills
– Active holds
– Core work

This program will begin with a test, and finish with a retest. If you are starting this program knowing you can’t perform a Kipping Pull-up just yet- why the initial test?!

Use that first test to take notes (literal and figurative) on things like:

– How the attempt felt
– How close you came to a full rep
– Your specific sticking points

We’ll use these for comparison during your retest. 

The pre-requisite for the program is to be able to do 5 Strict Pull-ups, so it is certainly possible you can already perform a Kipping Pull-up (a single rep or even multiple reps). In that case use this program to improve your technique and/or add more reps to your current max. Use the initial test to record notes about your movement, and, if possible, record yourself in action for future comparison to your retest.

If you don’t have a strict pull-up yet, no worries! We have a program made specifically to help you get that too!

Our other programs available:

  • First Strict Pull-up™
  • First Push-up™
  • First Handstand Push-up™
  • First Toes-to-Bar™
  • First Strict Ring Dip™
  • Handstand Walk 5 ft™
  • Snatch 1RM™
  • Clean 1RM™
  • Jerk 1RM™
  • Deadlift Capacity™
  • Shoulder Press Capacity™
  • Back Squat Capacity™
  • Bench Press Capacity™

Programs can be customized to your specific training schedule. Choose when to start, how many days per week to do, and which days of that week the sessions appear on. You can find all btwb programs in the Programs section on your home screen.

As always, thanks for being part of the btwb crew. We take a lot of pride in getting to build tech for people like you and we’re working hard to support the community in every way we can.


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