What’s that? More free programs? We announced the launch of our btwb Programs feature back in April and have been hard at work refining more to bring to the community. We’re now up to a total of 13 in-depth programs designed to help you either learn a new skill, increase your O-lift 1RMs or add volume to your functional strength capacity.

Today we’re excited to reveal FOUR more programs. These programs are designed as linear Power Lifting strength progressions that will transfer directly to your overall functional fitness & capacity.

  • Deadlift Capacity™
  • Shoulder Press Capacity™
  • Back Squat Capacity™
  • Bench Press Capacity™

The focus of these 17 session programs are not so much on setting a new Back Squat or Deadlift PR. Instead, we want to add to your base strength in a way that will transfer directly to your overall fitness and capacity. These programs are suitable for athletes of all levels. Beginners will benefit from frequent, consistent exposure to the lift along with accumulating volume and experience. More advanced lifters will benefit from the the steady build in load that will allow them to spend significant time under tension.

Over the 17 sessions you’ll be performing sets on a linear loading progression that will start light then slowly build to heavier weights. The goal is to increase your overall-strength and strength-endurance. The sets each session are 5-5-ME (up to 10 reps). As long as your are able to complete at least 5-5-5 reps you will increase load for the next session.


  • Choose from Deadlift, Shoulder Press, Back Squat and Bench Press
  • Recommendation: 2-3 days/week
  • 17 session linear strength progressions that will transfer directly to your overall functional fitness and capacity. 
  • Prerequisite: NONE

Our other programs available:

  • First Strict Pull-up™
  • First Push-up™
  • First Handstand Push-up™
  • First Toes-to-Bar™
  • First Strict Ring Dip™
  • Handstand Walk 5 ft™
  • Snatch 1RM™
  • Clean 1RM™
  • Jerk 1RM™

Programs can be customized to your specific training schedule. Choose when to start, how many days per week to do, and which days of that week the sessions appear on. You can find all btwb programs in the Programs section on your home screen.

As always, thanks for being part of the btwb crew. We take a lot of pride in getting to build tech for people like you and we’re working hard to support the community in every way we can.


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