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We have been working hard to try to help gym owners and members during this hectic time and have received a lot of requests on new ways to keep people fit while isolated. To help we just released three skill based programs in the app. They are specialized, finite (20-30 unique sessions) add-ons created to help btwb members improve specific skills. Each program is included with a standard btwb subscription at no additional cost, and they can be found in the Programs section by clicking into the side drawer menu from the home screen.

In addition, btwb members will be able to customize program details to meet their individual schedule and training needs by:

  • Picking a start date
  • Choosing the number of sessions per week
  • Choosing which days of the week those sessions appear on

Workouts will be added to an individual’s personal track based on their customized details. The first 3 programs (below) are currently available in the app, with more to come soon after!

Strict Pull-up

  • A 20 session program designed to get you your first Strict Pull-up.
  • Pre-requisite: 5 full range of motion ring rows (with feet under rings) and the ability to hang from a bar for 5-10 secs


  • A 20 session program designed to get you your first Push-up.
  • Pre-requisite: NONE

Strict Handstand Push-up

  • A 20 session program designed to get you your first Strict HSPU.
  • Pre-requisite: 5 strict, full range of motion push-ups

Thanks for being part of the btwb crew. We take a lot of pride getting to build tech for gyms like yours and are working hard to support the community in every way we can.

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