Are You Creating Bad Habits Subconsciously?

The First Pull #79 // October 10th


Judson Brewer explains that our brains function on a reward-based learning system, often resulting in detrimental habits. Through mindfulness, Brewer suggests fostering curiosity about these behaviors, which can disrupt the habitual cycle. Using technology, Brewer’s approach delivers mindfulness training at crucial moments, assisting individuals in breaking harmful patterns.


btwb Athlete Hampton Morris Has A Documentary
Get an inside scoop of his life and his champion mindset

Mayhem Affiliate Chats Program & Why They Use btwb
Check out all top programs we have to offer on btwb.

PRVN Fitness Has New Affiliate Training Center
See where it’s located and what their plans are moving forward.

Check out this crazy skill from Alec Smith
Think you could take on this madness?!

Michele Letendre of Deka Comp On What Makes A “Bad Coach”
And why she thinks language is crucial when working with critical thinking athletes.

Podcasts from the Community

VNR # 131: Pull-ups vs Chin-ups. Which is better?
📺 Watch     Apple    🎧 Spotify
-What are good substitutions for pull-ups if you don’t have a pull-up bar? What are the differences & similarities between pull-ups & chin-ups? Is one movement better than the other?  Support the Varied Not Random Podcast


The Sevan Podcast: Dave Castro LIVE In STUDIO
Dave Castro discusses CrossFit studio evolution, athlete involvement, gym trainers, health topics, and athlete training regimens.

The Rich Froning Podcast: The Future of the CrossFit Games 
Rich and friends discuss the CrossFit Games location move, and his thoughts on Dave Castro team idea, Mayhem vs PRVN vs HWPO.


CrossFit Linchpin: Experts Are Dumb
Pat criticizes experts for misleading exercise advice, questions their qualifications, and promotes common-sense-based fitness guidance.


Jocko Podcast: Refer To The Things That Ground You As A Person. With JP Dinnell
Jocko and JP Dinnell discuss leadership, ego challenges, perspective importance, and share personal anecdotes on Jocko’s podcast.


Huberman Lab Podcast: How to Increase Your Willpower & Tenacity
Huberman discusses the science of tenacity and willpower, emphasizing the role of the anterior mid-cingulate cortex.

btwb Community Highlights

Melanie Hodge get a PR on her 1 RM Front Squat.

Julian Overmeyer PRs his 3 Rep Hang Squat Snatch.

Oliver Rack PRs his Echo Bike Cals test!

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