Chronic Pain…Is It In Your Head?

The First Pull #78 // October 3rd

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recent study involving over 150 adults with moderately severe chronic back pain investigated the effects of pain attributions. Two-thirds of participants treated with PRT reported being pain-free or nearly so post-treatment, in stark contrast to just 20% in the placebo group. The findings underscore the significant role of individuals’ beliefs in pain management and the potential of PRT as an effective treatment.


btwb Athlete Justin Medeiros Gives Full Day of Eating
Also get an in-depth look of a full day of training!

Dave Castro Does A Week In Review
See what his latest competition idea is!

Congrats to btwb Athlete Jason Grubb On A First Place Finish
He took first at the Master Fitness Championship in the 45-45 Elite Men Division.

Why Overthinking is the Biggest Cause Of Unhappiness
And 8 ways to beat overthinking when it happens.

btwb Community Highlights

Oliver Rack PRs his Clean & Jerk @ 175 lbs!

Logan Weiland PRs his Back Squat Total!

Ryan Keller PRs his Intervals on the Row!

Podcasts from the Community

VNR # 130: Cheetahs don’t warm up, why should I?
📺 Watch     Apple    🎧 Spotify
-If you have an occupation, like a 1st responder, that requires you to be ready to work at any time, with no warm-up how do you adequately prepare for this? Should people in this line of work modify the manner in which they train? Pat & Adrian discuss this topic & more. Support the Varied Not Random Podcast


Coffee with Khalipa: Just Takes One Time
Jason discusses the transformative power of one fitness experience, emphasizing CrossFit’s impact and encouraging community involvement.

CrossFit Linchpin: Women Beating Men In Competition 
Pat discusses fitness improvements, Rogue Invitational attendance, female athletes’ performance, workout routines, and emphasizes diet’s importance.


Jocko Podcast:Battles, Bullets, and Lessons with Ret. Navy SEAL, Jimmy May
Jocko and Jimmy discuss a rooftop battle, heroic actions, teamwork, military experiences, and personal anecdotes.


Huberman Lab Podcast: Chris Voss: How to Succeed at Hard Conversations
Chris Voss discusses effective negotiation, his FBI experience, and introduces “Fireside”, a new podcast. 

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