It’s Scary…Can You Survive This Test?

The First Pull #75

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Can You Survive This Test 13?

“It’s tough. It’s long. It’s arduous. It’s scary. It’s intimating. It’s a lot..and it’s supposed to be. Doing hard things is good for you and this is one of those things.”

Pat Sherwood

This challenge is free for to all btwb users. If you’re not currently a btwb user, you can start a free 30-day during registration. If you opt to you can purchase the I Survived Banner.


btwb athlete Hampton Morris becomes the first male lifter from the USA to win a gold medal at the World Championships since the 70s! He sets a new Junior World Record in the Clean and Jerk at 168 kg.


btwb Athlete Jeffrey Adler uses Tempus in His Training
Check out all the cool things it does.

Linchpin Test 13 Registration is Live & Open to all btwb Users
Find out the details and more.

btwb athlete Justin Medeiros gets a new family member
Plus check out what he’s doing in the off season.

Chris Spealler takes us on a trip down memory lane
Check out this blast from the past.

btwb Community Highlights

btwb athlete Carolyne Prevost competes at the Northern California Classic over the weekend.

btwb athlete Hampton Morris receives a Lift Level Score with our newest feature.

btwb user Rebecca Ward does a workout in honor of 9/11.

Podcasts from the Community

VNR # 127: Old School Knowledge Bombs
📺 Watch     Apple    🎧 Spotify
-Pat & Adrian discuss a CrossFit Journal article entitled “Foundations”. This article was published in April 2002. It is full of useful information & explanations of methods that hold true even though 20 years have gone by. Support the Varied Not Random Podcast


The Rich Froning Podcast: We’ll NEVER Do This Again
Rich and friends chat about their regret from the over eating challenge; discuss hunting, fitness competitions, outdoor activities; shoe comparisons, and Mayhem athlete promotions.


CrossFit Linchpin: Get better at Snatching & Ring Dips without doing them
Pat discusses Rogue Invitational, Linchpin community members’ progress, Linchpin Test 13, workout balance, and collaborations with Chris Hinshaw.


Jocko Podcast: Negotiation. Whoever Cares The Least WINS.
Jocko discusses why negotiation leverage comes from indifference. He explains that in teams, passion wins. Leaders should prioritize teams, not ego. His underground podcast independence is also emphasized.


Huberman Lab Podcast: Dr. Peter Attia | Metformin for Longevity & The Power of Belief Effects
Huberman and Attia discuss blood glucose management, metformin’s longevity effects, and the influence of belief on treatments.

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