How Much Coffee is Too Much? Asking For A Friend…

The First Pull #76

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Love coffee? Studies show that people who drink  two to three cups of coffee per day are the least likely to have anxiety or depression, compared to people who drink more or less of the popular beverage. 


Rogue Invitational “The C” is a Community Event
Complete the workout for your chance to earn some cool swag.

Caity Henniger gives us a Rogue Invitational Tease
What new strength elements will we see this year?!

Linchpin Test 13 Registration is Live & Open to all btwb Users
Find out the details about the workout and what you can earn!

btwb Athlete Jason Grubb is Handy
See how he trains when he is traveling on the road.

Congrats to CrossFit South Brooklyn for its 16th Year as an Affiliate
David Osorio has owned CFSBK since 2007!

btwb athlete Dallin Pepper will be competing at the Rogue Invitational
How do you think he will stack up this year?

btwb Athlete Justin Medeiros is Trying Something New
See what new sport he is competing in this winter.

btwb Community Highlights

Tiago Bastos survives Linchpin Test 13!

Andrew Luft completes Nancy using Tempus.

Scott Bowie completes a gnarly 60 min Ruck.

Podcasts from the Community

VNR # 128: How to bounce back from a bad workout.
📺 Watch    Apple    🎧 Spotify
​​​​​​​-We’ve all had workouts where the weight felt extra heavy or it took much longer than expected. Bad workouts can negatively affect your confidence, fill you with doubt & have you questioning your training. What should you do after a “bad” workout to help get yourself back on track physically & mentally? Pat & Adrian dive into this topic. Support the Varied Not Random Podcast


The Rich Froning Podcast: Building Burlebo From Nothing w/Founder Trey Wier
Rich discusses Burlebo brand’s journey, technical issues, business growth, personal fitness routines, and the importance of family.


CrossFit Linchpin: Do You Really Need to Warm Up? 
Pat talks about the importance of warm-ups, benefits of complex movements, and handstand walk practice.


Jocko Podcast: The Office, Art, Idiocy, & Other Tales. w/ Actor, Writer, Producer, Rainn Wilson
Rainn Wilson discusses childhood, acting journey, “The Office”, spirituality, philosophy, and Jocko shares life insights.


Huberman Lab Podcast: How to Use Music to Boost Motivation, Mood & Improve Learning 
Huberman discusses  how music influences the brain, evoking emotions, enhancing motivation, improving health metrics, and boosting neuroplasticity, especially with early exposure.

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