Justin Medeiros Shares Footage of His First ever CrossFit Competition.

The First Pull #73

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btwb athlete Justin Medeiros shares footage from his first CrossFit comp at 14. His inspiring journey proves persistence pays off!


Pat Sherwood Does a Grueling Workout in a 20 Pound Vest
See what movements he did.

Pat Barber Gives Tips on a Successful Affiliate Set-up
Know your audience when you start.

Chris Spealler Reflects on Training Outside the Gym
And challenges us to get out and train.

Rogue Invitational Launches “The C”
Join them in this community event.

Pamela Gagnon Gives Tips on The Bar Muscle-up
See if this cue helps you next time.

btwb athlete Hampton Morris Smashes Some Heavy Weights
Watch his perfect technique. 

Check out This Giveaway with Bolder Athlete
4x CrossFit Games Master Champion Jason Grubb wants you to try out his program.

btwb Community Highlights

btwb athlete Carolyne Prevost is back to training for the 2024 season.

📱 @cprevost27

Pat Sherwood (CrossFit Linchpin) runs & deadlifts.

📱 @sherwood215

btwb team member Kyle tackles a workout with Pat Sherwood.

Podcasts From The Community


VNR # 125: Will working out correct poor posture?
📺 Watch     Apple    🎧 Spotify
– A VNR listener wants to know if working out will correct poor posture? This VNR listener says he has poor posture in his neck & shoulders. He wants to know if he should fix his posture before he begins doing CrossFit? Pat & Adrian discuss this topic. Support the Varied Not Random Podcast


Talking Elite Fitness: A Conversation with Adrian Bozman
Adrian Bosman discusses event creation, athlete testing, and collaboration.


CrossFit Linchpin: How Many Times a Week Should You Squat?
Pat discusses milestones celebrated, addresses fitness questions, emphasizes the importance of consistency, and his community engagement.


Best Hour of Their Day: Daniel Chaffey | The Secrets Behind Scaling CrossFit Affiliates For Success
Daniel Chaffey discusses scaling CrossFit affiliates, emphasizing core values, sales, leadership, and step-by-step growth process.


Huberman Lab Podcast: Goals Toolkit: How to Set & Achieve Your Goals 
Andrew discusses goal-setting tools- select, measure, motivate, visualize, neuroplasticity, focus, overcome challenges.

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