Rogue Invitational “The Q” Starts This Week!

The First Pull #72

App Updates

AI technology is coming to btwb


The Q starts this week and is open to anyone who has not been formally invited to compete at the 2023 Rogue Invitational. Earn your chance to compete alongside the Fittest on Earth. 


AI Technology could change Hospitals Forever
Dr. Milekic uses AI scores to detect patient risks, aiding timely interventions for improved outcomes.

CrossFit Games Documentaries Receive Unexpected Steaming Hits
These docs are captivating enthusiasts and broader viewers far beyond what we ever expected.

CrossFit Mayhem Gives Wall Walk Tips
Are you being efficient with the movement? 

Cariane Meti of Deka Comp Shares What Intention Setting Means to Her
What provides you the motivation to keep going?

Pat Barber shares His Thoughts on Programming
And how he believes people complicate it.

Chris Spealler Gives Insight on the Value of Hard Work
And how it shapes our future.

btwb Community Highlights

Pat Sherwood (CrossFit Linchpin) takes on a nasty 3-round workout.

📱 @sherwood215

btwb athlete Justin Medeiros does a fun workout with a Basketball


btwb team member Meg does a 16 min EMOM with alternating movements.

Podcasts From The Community


VNR # 124: 2023 CrossFit Games Events dissected & discussed
📺 Watch    ï£¿ Apple    🎧 Spotify
– Adrian Bozman was the lead programmer who created the events for the 2023 CrossFit Games. In this episode Adrian walks through all of the events with Pat. Adrian discusses his thought process & shares unique insights.   Support the Varied Not Random Podcast


Talking Elite Fitness: A Conversation with Pat Vellner and Michele Letendre
Pat Vellner and Michele Letendre discuss coaching, competition, decision-making, and upcoming events.


CrossFit Linchpin: Should we Train Rotational Movements?
Pat discusses rotational movement training, emphasizing core stability over specialized movements for broad fitness.


Best Hour of Their Day: CrossFit, Jiu Jitsu, and a 10min Head To Head Face-off with Jocko
Jocko discusses CrossFit-Jiu Jitsu combo, owning an affiliate, and his energy drink partnership.


Huberman Lab Podcast: Dr. David Linden: Life, Death & the Neuroscience of Your Unique Experience
Neuroscientist Dr. David Linden discusses cerebellum, Kraus corpuscle, individual variation, myopia, depression, immune-neural interactions, agency, and more.

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