We built btwb back in the Aromas days. No one really knew how big CrossFit was going to get but we were passionate about the community and wanted to build something special for our friends. Over the last 10+ years we have collected a lot of results. It’s well north of 100 million. Some time ago we started using this data to power some machine learning and AI features. One of which is going to be released in beta soon. This is a monumental step for btwb and we believe we will offer an unparalleled experience for the community.While writing this we realized how distant the Aromas days are. CrossFit started off as a bootstrapped bleeding edge fitness revolution. Then it grew to be the largest fitness company in the world. A few years ago the community saw the transition to private equity. A lot has changed but, to us, a lot has also stayed the same.Our team and partners are the same. The people who started btwb are still working here every single day. Our commitment to the community and passion to support independent gym owners hasn’t changed. Our commitment to the garage gym athlete hasn’t changed. Like you, we were excited to see Dave back and we have every video Nicole Carroll makes on repeat. We show up to the Games and are still blown away by the insane rigs the Rogue team builds year after year. We still read and discuss the classic journal articles. In fact, we helped create the Varied Not Random podcast with Pat Sherwood and Adrian Bozman to bring those discussions back. One of our core values is to always improve. We try to make btwb better, in some way, every two weeks. We are going to keep building cool tech for you, because, like us, you’re not a casual. Your lifestyle reflects our belief that fitness is a journey. Thank you for your support over the years. We really hope you like all the cool stuff that’s coming.  

Thanks for being awesome.

Tempus Has Been Used 20k Times!

The feature is still in beta but we are improving it weekly. Sometimes daily. If you haven’t checked it out just click the timer icon next to a workout. Currently it works for Rounds For Time, For Quality, Bookends, For Time, Weightlifting Sets and AMRAP workouts. EMOMs will be ready next week with TV integration soon after, so you can let a class use it live!

Logging AI

Coming soon. You’ll be able to type or copy/paste a workout and our logging AI will be able to instantly build it. You’ll also be able to take a picture of the whiteboard or upload an image. After this is released we plan to incorporate this across different parts of btwb. We’re pretty excited.

Lifts, Intervals, Gymnastics, Benchmarks & Favorites all in one place

A clean way to browse your best results on btwb. Many of the scores are pulled in from different workouts. For example, if you hit a front squat max during an EMOM it will still appear on this list. This is true for intervals as well. You’ll be able to filter the Metcons list by Girls, Heroes, Open, Notables and your Favorites list.

The Greatest Plan Update

We have been hard at working at rebuilding and reimagining how to plan workouts for your gym and individual athletes. We upgraded everything from design to features and we think you are going to love it. This should be out before October but will most likely be in beta before.

Gym Management by btwb

Later this year we plan to launch our member management suite and we think gym owners will love it. If you would like to join the waitlist click here.

We have a few principles that we think are important.

  1. Keep It Simple. Our aim is to enable you to bill your members, facilitate class reservations, and track their progress in the simplest and most efficient manner.
  2. Be Reliable. Our uptime for btwb is above 99% and we promise to hold that standard.
  3. Always Be Updating. We have a rule that we continually improve our software. Thousands of btwb users have seen this first hand over the last decade. Just like fitness, we are committed to consistency and continual improvement.
  4. Put Fitness First. Although we’re offering member management, we believe gyms live and die by the results of their members.
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