FEATURE RELEASE: New WOD Results & Leaderboards

We’ve just pushed out a new update to the btwb app that will begin rolling out over the weekend. Here’s what’s new!

New WOD Results & Leaderboard

Included in this new update is a new & improved display for WOD Results & Leaderboards!


On the btwb app home screen, you’ll see a 🔥 icon to the right of the Track that you’re currently viewing. The blue badge counter is a real-time total of results logged by other followers of this track or program.

Tapping this icon will slide open the new WOD Results display.

Results Tab

The Results Tab is a real-time display of public results logged by other members of that gym or program track. You can now easily skim through the day to see what your peers have logged, any photos they’ve attached, and indicators if they’ve set a new PR!

Use the comment or emoji buttons to quickly show them some love and support!

Whether the track has 1 or 10+ pieces programmed for the day, any member that logs results to it will display here. If a user has logged multiple results for that track, they will be grouped together in chronological order to allow you to quickly see a snapshot of what their day was like!

Date Selector

Tap the left or right arrows at the top to quickly jump to the next or previous day. If you tap the actual date, you can enter a specific date that you’d like to jump to.

Leaderboard Tab

By default, the Leaderboard tab will now display Male & Female scores in an ALL combined Leaderboard.

You can still further filter the scores with the M and F toggles at the top, as well as toggle between Prescribed & Modified results.

Switch Workouts

Tapping the workout name at the top of the Leaderboard tab will allow you to quickly toggle to the leaderboards for any of the other workouts that are planned to that track for the day.

Workout Menu Leaderboard

When scrolling workouts on the home screen, you can quickly jump to the leaderboard for THAT specific workout by tapping the 3-dot menu and choosing the Leaderboard option. This will open the same view, but directly to the leaderboard for that workout instead of the overall Track Results tab.

The update is rolling out to all users now, so check your app store for the update!

We’re got a ton of new things we’re excited to share with you, stay tuned! Our next update that is arriving soon will be bringing back the old “All Tracks” view on the app home screen, but with a redesigned track selector that will be easier to use & manage.

Thanks for being awesome.

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