The First Pull #14

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VNR #66: Should a coach “fire” a client?

Is it ever appropriate for a coach to “fire” a client? If so, under what circumstances? Also, should trainers charge members for extra coaching once the class ends or is that just part of their job?

#POTW (Photo of the Week) Challenge

Theme: Favorite Podcast

This Week in Fitness

  1. The Rogue Fitness Mule Challenge is open for registration 
  2. btwb programs feature- Deka Comp 
  3. How to stay motivated working out alone
  4. Watch Annie Thorisdottir and team take on the tortilla challenge 
  5. TYR Sport is the headline sponsor for Wodapaloooza next year
  6. A Go Fund Me has been set up for the devastating loss of long time Invictus member Jaimie Bougie
  7. ​​​Mix up with a Games athlete who tested positive on a drug test
  8. Happy Birthday to Shane Orr

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