Hero Month With Speal Programming

Starting in July Speal Programming will be taking it back to hero month and those classic benchmarks you may have forgotten about! 

Throughout the month they will be programming 15 Hero workouts and a handful of classic benchmarks. This is a tradition they’ve had for years at Park City Fit (Chris’ gym) and have found it to be a great way to challenge their athletes, support a good cause, and have some good ole fashion community building through hard work. 

Hero and benchmark workouts will be added to Speal Programming throughout the month with just enough variance so that athletes don’t end up feeling run down or beat up. They will continue to fill in the gaps with accessory work that keeps athletes healthy and strong. 

Also, athletes who complete all 15 hero workouts will have a chance to purchase one of their custom hero workout tees with all proceeds going directly to the Navy Seal Foundation!

Free Trial

If you want to take part in the fun, and also see what the programming is all about, they offer a 3 Week Free Trial where you can learn more about all the resources they provide for both individuals and gyms. Learn more at spealprogramming.com. Programming is fully integrated with the btwb app.

About Speal Programming

Led by legendary CrossFit athlete Chris Spealer, the Speal Programming philosophy is simple.

Less is more.

We’re not into what’s popular. We’re into what works. And less is more works. You don’t need to train 2 hours a day to find results. One workout a day, 5 days a week coupled with a healthy lifestyle outside of the gym will give you what you need .

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