Fitness Communities: Discover New Revenue Streams

Introducing Fitness Communities, a new way for gym owners to generate additional income for their business while simultaneously fostering a stronger community. Our mission is to support gyms with unique services, which have been difficult to pull off at gyms in the past, that put money directly into their pocket. The first two services are Challenges and the Earned Store.

BTWB is hosting The Grace Challenge from July 9-13th. It’s free to register for gym members with an optional earned shirt purchase. Gym owners will receive $5 for each of their members who purchase an earned shirt. All gyms need to do is set a WOD and tell their members about the challenge.

How Does It Work?

Gym owners can connect a Stripe Express account to btwb.  We have made it really simple. Just log into the Admin Console, click on “Fitness Communities” in the navigation menu, then follow the steps to set up an account.

Coming soon! A gym’s members will have the opportunity to purchase unique shirts and other items year-round for hitting fitness achievements. For example, a mug that says they’ve performed Fran Rx’d or a shirt that says they’ve accumulated 10k burpees. Like The Grace Challenge, gyms will get part of the proceeds of each sale. Our mission is to build something great with, and for, the gym community.

The Grace Challenge is now live. Anyone can register here between now and the official close of the challenge at 5pm PST on July 13.

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