Varied Not Random #12: An interview with Chuck Carswell – Part 1

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This interview is packed with stories, laughs and useful information from one of the most knowledgeable and charismatic figures in all of CrossFit… Chuck Carswell. Chuck is a Level 4 CrossFit trainer, a flowmaster and currently heads the CrossFit Scholarship program. He is a former affiliate owner that has worked over 500 CrossFit seminars all over the world. Chuck is one of the most influential and well respected leaders in CrossFit. He shares his story, how he got involved with CrossFit and much more.

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Adrian and Pat go back and forth providing their key areas to focus on regarding sustainability in CrossFit. Consistency, training volume, motivation, intensity, body maintenance, scaling, and much more is covered. Why each area is important is discussed in order to provide athletes with the framework needed to make smart, long term decisions.


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About the Podcast

Hosted by Pat Sherwood & Adrian Bozman, each episode is packed with insightful & actionable information aimed at people passionate about CrossFit, health & fitness, as well as general strength & conditioning. If you are an athlete, coach, gym owner or simply enjoy improving yourself & those around you through fitness, you’ve come to the right place.

About Pat

Pat Sherwood has held credentials up to & including being a Level 4 CrossFit Coach. He worked for CrossFit, Inc for 14 years in various roles including media, health & seminar staff. He is married with 2 kids & a 3rd on the way. He is the owner of CrossFit Linchpin, enjoys ice cream & hates handstand push-ups.

About Boz

Boz started dabbling with CrossFit at the end of 2004 and got his L1 in early 2006. He has coached at:

  • San Francisco CrossFit: 2006-2011
  • CrossFit Brisbane (Australia): 2011
  • Huntress CrossFit/The Tuxedo Social club (his low-key garage-gym ): 2014-2021

He’s also worked for CrossFit from 2007-present in various roles on the Seminar team, Education department and the CrossFit Games. “I love this stuff!”

New episodes drop every Tuesday at 1PM EST / 10AM PST

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, YouTube, or wherever you get your podcasts!

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