Updates: New Calendar & Movement Achievements

We just released some awesome updates to our app! We’ve upgraded the calendar and added a new feature, Achievements!

New Calendar

We’ve redesigned the calendar to look cleaner and more organized.

Track Organization

Quickly switch back and forth between your different programming tracks. Looking for a workout? Find a new one via our many public tracks.

Lifestyle Overlay

You can track important Lifestyle choices (nutrition, sleep, mobility, feeling good/bad) along with your workout days. Choose to display 2 of the 4 lifestyle parameters directly on your calendar. Long bars represent streaks of positive lifestyle choices. To log your lifestyle choices, just tap the pencil icon above your calendar. A chain of grey circles around a given set of days indicate a streak of consistent workout days. A ⚡ shows up on a given day with any PR’s achieved.

Current Week & Full Year

View this week for a brief overview of recent habits, or swipe down for a bird’s eye view of the entire month/year.

Percentile Slider

Use the new Percentile Slider (for workouts with enough data) to prepare for upcoming training sessions. What score are you aiming for? Switch between All Ages (18+) and our new Masters (35+) percentiles.


Track yearly and lifetime movement Achievements for major movement groups. Every rep counts toward your next badge!

Automatic Updates

Movement achievements are automatically updated after each logged result. Easily see your overall rep total, the new reps added from the current result, and how far you have to go till the next badge!

Collect Your Badges

Keep track of all Achievements earned via your profile page.

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