New WODscreen Display!

If you hung out with us this year at the CrossFit Games in the Affiliate Lounge, you got to see a preview of our new design! This new design currently only applies to the “Daily WODs” screen. We’ll be rolling out redesigns for the other screens in future updates.

What’s New?

This is the first of our redesigns for our WODscreen displays. Our goal is to make the screens look better, respond faster, and to offer customization options to match the unique needs of your gym.

  • Displays 1-4 WODs at a time
  • Automatically displays movement demos
  • Toggle leaderboards for each WOD
  • Change color theme to match your gym branding
  • Change text size for screen distance
  • Works natively inside both iOS and Android apps

How To Use It

To access the new display, open your app and tap into the side drawer menu from the home screen. From there, choose “WODscreen” near the bottom of the menu.

Next, make sure you’re on the same WiFi network as your Chromecast and hit the “Connect To Chromecast” button to connect. Once connected, you’ll be shown the “Select A Screen” page. The first item is the new “Daily WODs” screen. Tap to choose it.

From here, you can start to customize your settings! The first option lets you change text size on the display depending if your screen is going to be viewed from less than 10 ft. away or greater than 10 ft. away.

The second option lets you toggle which tracks to display. You can choose up to 4 at one time! Just tap the “Show” button to toggle it on/off. The “Leaderboard” button will toggle the leaderboard for that workout on/off. The “Video” button will turn the automatic movement demos on/off.

The third option lets you choose a color theme for the display!

Choose between Orange, Purple, Magento, Lime, Winterfresh, Gothic, or DC America! Hopefully one of these matches the branding or personality of your gym.

The last option let’s you choose which units you want the Male/Female averages to appear in (only applies to workouts with loads as scores).

Let us know what you think of the display options! Your feedback is super important to us and will help us tailor this to be even better for our users! If you have questions, concerns, or ideas, just shoot us a message at

Thanks for being awesome.

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