BTWB Regional Qualifying Athletes

Photo By: Ali Samieivafa

BTWB gives CrossFitters the tools they need to become the best athletes possible. After the 5-week long 2015 Open, several BTWB users’ hardwork has paid off as they find themselves advancing to the Regional phase of the CrossFit Games season. With the recent changes to the Open/Regional format, qualifying for the next phase is no small feat. In fact, a big congratulations is in order. Broken down by region, we give you the 39 Beyond The Whiteboard Regional qualifying athletes. Have we mentioned how awesome our users are?

Region Male Female
Southern California Nick Robles – CrossFit Kinnick Carlie Stone – CrossFit Unscathed
Jeremy Kinnick – CrossFit Kinnick
Dan Bailey 
Jon Pera – CrossFit Foothill
Reid Worthington – Lumberyard CrossFit
South West Analisa Marquez – East Valley CrossFit
South East Benjamin Williams – CrossFit Bound Elizabeth Parry – CrossFit Hardcore
South Central Joseph Guesnier – CrossFit Lubbock
North West Emily Morris – Eugene CrossFit
Kendall Burnham – Lane 5 CrossFit
Northern California Cary Hair – CrossFit Santa Cruz Alessandra Pichelli – Diablo CrossFit
Kyle Zozaya – Diablo CrossFit Chyno Cho – CrossFit of Fremont
Neal Maddox – CrossFit X-treme Athletics
North East Conor Nugent – CrossFit New England Rachel Martinez – CrossFit New England
Cheryl Nasso – CrossFit New England
Jennifer Smith – Reebok CrossFit One
North Central Roderick Holloway – CrossFit Kirkwood Brooke Wells – CrossFit Fringe
Duke Burke – DTO CrossFit Deborah Cordner Carson – CrossFit Minneapolis
M’Kelle Tomberlin – CrossFit Minneapolis
Mid Atlantic Gretchen Kittelberger – CrossFit Reston
Christy Adkins – CrossFit Reston
Latin America Camila Lopez – Fuerza CrossFit
Europe Kristin Holte – CrossFit Oslo
Central East Nick Urankar – CrossFit 061 Heather Welsh – CrossFit Polaris
Anna Rode – CrossFit NapTown
Nicole Holcomb – 812 CrossFit
Julie Foucher
Canada East Pascal Baillargeon – CrossFit St-Jean Maude Charron – CrossFit Rimouski
Australia Zeke Grove – Live Elite CrossFit
Brandon Swan – CrossFit Brisbane
Asia Miki Mullen – CrossFit Bagus

**If we left anyone out by accident, please do not hesitate to contact us asap. I can be reached at

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