CrossFit Open 15.2 is 14.2: Workout Analysis & Breakdown

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Just when Dave Castro got us thinking that this year’s Open would be completely different with his 15.1/15.1a announcement, he went and threw us for another loop by giving us the traditional repeat workout.

Analysis/Preliminary Numbers


The screenshot above shows the final numbers from March 2014. For the Men, 72% made it past the 3 minute cut-off, 30% made it past the 6 minute cut-off, and less than 9% made it past the 9 minute cut-off. On the Women’s side, 36% made it past the 3 minute cut-off, 12% made it past the 6 minute cut-off, and less than 3% made it past the 9 minute cut-off.

Compared to last year, 15.2 could go one of two ways. First, assuming enough people who did it last year also do it this year, and assuming those same people have become more fit, we could see the data shift to the right of the graph as people post personal records. On the other hand, the histogram could shift to the left if the influx of new Open participants this year outweighs the number of personal records. We’ll report back next week with analysis of what happens.

Logging 15.2 on BTWB

There’s been some confusion regarding logging your 15.2 score. The quickest way is to simply enter your total reps for the workout, like you do on the CrossFit Games website. Alternatively, you can add in all the rounds and reps that you completed. You can also adjust the AMReps time to match what you actually performed. We made a quick video to show you how log the result with the added rounds:

Iphone and Android App Screenshots


If you decide to Log just the totals reps, you can skip over the round totals and log it directly into the “Total Reps” field. We’ve highlighted the correct field in the following screenshot:


Both ways of logging are acceptable options, and both will accurately display your score on the 15.2 leaderboard page.

Other Tips

The video above shows how to log your 15.2 result by adding each completed movement of the workout. The benefit of this method is that your account will be credited with each of the c2b pull-ups and overhead squats completed. In other words, the reps for each will be added to your “all time”, “1 year”, “6 months”, “3 months” movement history. You can find those numbers by visiting a specific movement’s page. To get there, type the name of the movement into the search bar at the top of the site, then click on the appropriate drop-down item.


Final Analysis

Check out our final breakdown of 15.2 here.

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