CrossFit Games Open 15.2: Final Numbers

15.2 is in the books! Was it as miserable as you remembered? Here’s how the final numbers turned out.

Open Workout 15.2/14.2

As many reps as possible in 3 mins of:

2 rounds of:
10 Overhead Squats (95/65 lbs)
10 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups

If completed within 3 minutes, repeat again with 12 reps, then 14, and so on.




Repeat workouts give us an opportunity to evaluate progress over time. The above chart shows BTWB results from 2014.  The dips represent the beginning of a new 3 minute period. The dips appear here because most people who made it to the next round were able to get quite a few more reps . For example, somebody who just made it through the set of 16s (208 reps) wasn’t likely to end up with 210-215 reps. 3 more minutes of work was enough time for these athletes to accumulate about 30 additional reps. This is why we see the peaks at the middle and ends of each cutoff.



Above are the results from 2015. The same peaks and dips occur at the same points of the graph; the key differences are the heights of the peaks. For both men and women, the three peaks to the right have increased in size. The first peak, which represents people not making it past the initial set of 10s, has become much smaller, comparatively speaking. I think it’s safe to say that our users are more fit than last year.

Community Numbers

For each of the percentile categories, both men and women earned more reps than they did in 2014. The top 1% of men made it to the end of the 18s. The top 1% of women nearly finished the 16s.  90th percentile men made it to the beginning/middle of the 16s, and 90th percentile women made it to the middle/end of the 14s. This year, the 50th percentile for both men and women was a whopping 100% better than last year’s. Middle of the pack men made it to the end of the 12s. Their female counterparts completed the 10s.

Below are the percentage increases year over year for both men and women for some of the main percentile levels.

  • 99th: Men: +9.3%/Women: +.5%
  • 90th: Men: +25.3%/Women: +55.9%
  • 75th: Men: +13.5%/Women: +26.1%
  • 50th: Men: +16.9%/Women: +100%

Overall, the men outperformed the women (likely because c2b pull-ups seem to be a tad more difficult for women), but the women were the ones with the bigger percentage gains year over year. The progress appears to be universal. CrossFit HQ found similar improvements with their numbers. This year’s Open leaderboard had “ten men and four women [reach] or [exceed] last year’s high score of 404 reps”.

Repeat Users

Of the users who logged a score for 14.2/15.2 in both 2014 and 2015, the average rep improvement was 23 reps, or 83%.

Roughly the same amount of guys and girls, who repeated the workout, improved. The men improved their scores by 120%. The women by 73%.

15.2 Top 5

Another awesome showing from our BTWB users.  Here are the top 5 finishers for 15.2. You’ll find a social media account attached to their name. Give them a follow. They’ll be doing big things soon.

15.2 Men

  1. Jeff Patzer – 347 (Fitness Level 83)
  2. Jeremy Kinnick – 342 (Fitness Level 95)
  3. Jon Pera – 340 (Fitness Level 96)
  4. Trent Blackwill – 336 (Fitness Level 87)
  5. Michael Little – 331 (Fitness Level 91)

15.2 Women

  1. Elyse Persico – 347 (Fitness Level 95)
  2. Julie Foucher – 345 (Fitness Level 93)
  3. Melody Sanchez – 326 (Fitness Level 82)
  4. Maude Charron – 324 (Fitness Level 96)
  5. Nicole Holcomb – 278 (Fitness Level 97)

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