Rogue Fitness Registration Live For “The Birdie Complex” Challenge

The First Pull #84


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  • Tempus Landing Page:
    – Race against previous matches using “ghosts”


Rogue Fitness “The Birdie Complex” Challenge Registration is live. The workout is as follows…

Find your heaviest load for the following unbroken complex:

1 Snatch
1 Overhead Squat
1 Hang Snatch
1 Overhead Squat

5 minute time cap to complete the complex.

Athletes with the heaviest successful barbell load in each weight division will win the contest.
Athletes may perform multiple attempts at different weights within the 5 minute time cap.


Dave Castro Does A Week In Review
He address the reason to increase Quarterfinal percentages & how he honored his friend Chad.

Congrats To Everyone Who Took On The Chad Hero Workout
Whether it was your first attempt or a repeat, thank you for honoring Chad and all Veterans who have served our country. 

Podcasts from the Community

VNR # 136: Using Fitness to change lives in the Criminal Justice System.
📺 Watch  Apple    🎧 Spotify
Gerald Parker is a husband, a father, a CrossFitter & he is also a Judge serving on the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court Bench (General Division). This Division hears all adult felony criminal cases &  civil cases. Judge Parker has been instrumental in creating programs that use physical fitness to help people get their lives in a positive direction & avoid prison. He discusses these topics & programs with Pat & Adrian.
Support the Varied Not Random Podcast


Talking Elite Fitness; A Conversation with Justin Medeiros
Justin discusses why he chose not to compete at Rogue and reflects on his performance at the Games.


CrossFit Linchpin: How to Modify/Scale Workouts
Pat workout modifications, success stories, and adapting exercises while preserving the intended fitness stimulus.


OptimizeME Nutrition: on the Fight Against Sarcopenia: Strategies to Maintain Muscle Mass as We Age
This episode discusses sarcopenia, age-related muscle loss, and advises consistent exercise, resistance training, and proper nutrition.


Check out our newest way to discover & see sample days from some of the best workout programs in the community!

btwb Community Highlights

PRs of the Week!

Kevin Pierce PRs a 3-round workout and goes UB on Double Unders!

Angelo Serioli uses Tempus to PR his DT time by almost 2 minutes! 

Roseanna Schafer PRs her 5 Mi Echo Bike by 11 seconds!

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